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Nick Love Talks About The Firm

British film director, Nick Love, talks about the inspirations and ideas behind his remake of The Firm.

Nick Love has become some what of a British cult movie icon since he first released ‘Goodbye Charlie Bright’ in 2001. The film told a tale of the real nitty gritty London, like it was, with no fancy bows, and the story of youths doing what they needed to do to survive the urban jungle. Then Nick gave us what is quite possibly one of the best hooligan films of all time ‘The Football Factory’ in 2004, with Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan cementing a partnership that would see them go on to do other films together such as ‘The Business’ in 2005. The Business was easily the greatest film to impact on 80s Casual Classics and the Italian Heritage sportswear revival. The story celebrated an era of casual 80s sportswear with hardened London gangsters finding refuge on the Costa Blanca, starting nightclubs and smuggling narcotics. The DVD highlighted 80s Casual Classics as the destination to get the look and soon we were increasing ranges to support styles worn by the likes of Frankie (Danny Dyer) and Charlie (Tamer Hassan). The impact and links to The Business release saw Nick Love approach Neil and 80s Casual Classics to chase up wardrobe in 2008 for a significant cast, working with many brands and establishing a significant 80s collection of wardrobe classics to help create the look for The Firm.

Nick Love’s ‘The Firm’ is more of an adaption of the original, this time set in the early 80’s. The film follows the story of Dom (Calum McNab) and how he gets caught up with the West Ham football firm and their top boy ‘Bex’ (Paul Anderson). As Dom gets deeper and deeper into the violent football underworld he realises he wants to get out but is unable to due to the bully boy tactics of Bex and his wrath. From classic nightclub scenes to fight scenes the film is all about the clothes, with the likes of Fila, Ellesse, Farah, Gabicci and Sergio Tacchini featured heavily throughout. Key styles from the era were brought back to life from the archives courtesy of 80s Casual Classics like the Ellesse Rimini tracktop, the Fila MK1 Settanta, the Fila Terrinda MK3, the Sergio Tacchini Masters and Star Track tops. There isn’t really a film like it, nor one that celebrates 80s sportswear in such a ‘fashion’. The Business is a close contender but that focuses more on the playboy glamour ‘tennis’ image as oppose to the colourful away day attire of the 80s football casual and what had become a look of UK Dressers.

After the initial release of the film in 2009 its fair to say business went through the roof and its never really slowed down in the last 9 years. What started out supplying the wardrobe for the film ended up supplying the entire planet with re-released 80s sportswear styles, doing what we do best. As new trends have come and gone, classic 80s sportswear will always get people talking with a new generation of dressers continuing to respect, appreciate and adopt that original look. Key styles featured in the film are still available at 80s Casual Classics, with each style coming available in a great variety of different colourways. So what’s your favourite piece from the film?

the firm wardrobe

the firm wardrobe

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