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Ellesse Rimini: An 80s Casual Sportswear Icon

The Ellesse Rimini is brimming with 80s casual nostalgia and takes its legendary name from the Italian city on the Adriatic coast.

First released in 1982, the original Ellesse Rimini track top couldn’t have really been born at a better time as far as casual sportswear goes. With sportswear endorsements with tennis greats such as Boris Becker and Guillermo Villas, Ellesse made sportswear cool, fresh and vibrant unlike anything seen before it. Just like Fila dominated the courts throughout the late 70s and early 80s so did Ellesse and it was these connections that gave them the credibility and respect they still hold so strong to this day. The new wave of celebrated sport-stars became the playboys of the tennis world, they had the money, the athleticism and the super stylish casual sportswear to go with it. With connections to 80s tennis icons and some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Italy, what more could you really ask for in a track top story?

Ellesse Rimini Track Tops

Above: The Ellesse Rimini track top available now from 80s Casual Classics.

After working closely with Nick Love with the wardrobe for the Firm in 2009 we were approached by Ellesse to bring back key styles from the film. One of them was the Rimini and the classic 80s tennis style has remained a key piece at 80s Casual Classics ever since. Rimini highlights from The Firm include Bex (Paul Anderson) wearing the iconic navy and royal colourway in the opening scene of the film as he swaggers through the estates of East London, newspaper in hand, to the sound of Kool And The Gang’s ‘Get Down On It’. A scene which couldn’t really set the film up much better if it tried. The striped design of the original silhouette has made it a great piece for alternating colourways with some updated and classic colourways now introduced at 80s Casual Classics. A retro sportswear and casual collectors’ favourite. Does classic 80s Ellesse really get much better? Probably not.

Ellesse Two Stripe Tees

Above: The Ellesse Rimini style two stripe t-shirt available now from 80s Casual Classics.

The original Rimini tracktop is now re-introduced to 80s Casual Classics in its original nayy/royal (Bex) colourway as well as black/red and an assortment of vibrant hues such as light pink and tender yellow for the warmer months. The retro sportswear icon features the signature 2 stripe detailing across the front and arms as well as the dual Ellesse logo badges embroidered to the chest. A true timeless 80s Casual Classic piece and a great addition to any sportswear lovers wardrobe. Alongside the track top we’ve also got a selection of Rimini style Ellesse t-shirts also featuring the famous 2 stripe detail running across the front in an assortment of classic colourways.

Ellesse Rimini Track Tops

Above: The Ellesse Rimini track top in tender yellow available now from 80s Casual Classics.

Ellesse Rimini Track Tops

Above: The Ellesse Rimini track top in light pink available now from 80s Casual Classics.

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