Tamer Hassan Interview

Interview With Tamer Hassan: 80s CC Film Icons

In our Tamer Hassan interview we talk about current projects, Danny Dyer & 80’s casual sportswear.

Known for his roles in The Layer Cake with Daniel Craig, The Football Factory and The Business with Danny Dyer as well as Dead Man Running with 50 Cent, Tamer Hassan is arguably one of the most recognisable faces of cult British crime films. His tongue and cheek partnerships with Danny Dyer has seen the duo become one of the most adored ‘bromances’ in modern movie culture. From running London nightclubs to amateur boxing you could say Hassan has already lived and breathed the roles he has played. Recent work has included landing a role on the critically acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series as well as the forthcoming Snatch series.

Tamer Hassan Interview

So first of all give us some insight into what’s been happening in the world of Tamer Hassan so far for 2017 and plans for the rest of the year?

I have been promoting two really good films that have come out called The Promise and Bitter Harvest, both of which are totally the opposite to the films I normally do both were very challenging. I finished shooting the first series of Snatch in January and I am about to go to Puerto Rico to shoot the second Series, its a hard life, but someone’s got to do it.
Before that I go I am playing in the QPR charity football match for the Grenfell Tower Victims on the 2nd September, which I am very excited to do, all the great Ex Pros are doing it, its organised by Les Ferdinand.


Would you have liked to a pursue as a professional boxer, how many bouts did you have and which gym did you use to train at?

I would love to of pursued a professional boxer, unfortunately I had an accident and was unable to box anymore, I was undefeated as an amateur. I trained at All Saints in New Cross, Ackroyd in Brockley and the world famous Thomas A Becket on the Old Kent Road.


The likes of The Football Factory, Layer Cake and The Business are arguably some of the best cult films that were made in the noughties, how did these roles really open up your acting career?

These films were made after the 1990’s, so I was already established as an actor. These films were very fun to do and I worked with some of the finest actors!


Do you still keep in touch in Danny Dyer and would you join him at the Queen Vic as the next East End badboy’ if the opportunity came along?

I don’t see too much of Danny as he has a busy filming schedule, I have a special love for Eastenders as they gave me my first job. I have returned to Albert Square on numerous occasions and I would absolutely love to go toe to toe with Danny Dyer as a regular on Eastenders!!!


Moving onto 80’s Casual Classics stuff, the Fila Vintage and Sergio Tacchini you guys wore in the Business are some of the most iconic shots of the labels ever, why do you think the film was so inspirational to these brands?

The Business being a period movie, was authentic to the 80’s casual culture and celebrated those iconic brands such as Fila beautifully and I believe resurrected those iconic brands again.


How do you think the film industry has changed over the last 10 years with the rise of Netflix and Amazon prime etc?

Its a sign of the times and if we don’t move with technology and how the current movie industry is evolving, your only going to get left behind. These platforms are allowing actors to diversify from Film to TV, where as years ago you were either a movie star or TV star.


If you had to name 3 of your most favourite film/projects in your career so far what would they be and why?

Football Factory, The Business, Layer Cake and Bitter Harvest (currently on DVD). These films have a special place in my heart.


Would you ever go back to the nightclub business, were you running these in South Bermondsey? as you must have been involved with some shady characters on the other side of the river’.

Not guilty your honor until proven!


We noticed you had produced some films in the past is this something we can expect to see more of in the future?

To date I have produced 2 feature films and I have written 4 screenplays and 1 TV show, under my production company Skylight Media Entertainment. I really enjoy the other side of the camera as well.


Finally some words of wisdom from Tamer for the 80’s Casual Classics readers’

Just don’t look like you’re about to walk onto Centre Court!

Interviewer – Luke Taylor

Interviewee – Tamer Hassan

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