PUMA Savannah Jacket

Its An 80 Casual Classics B-Boy Thing…

80s B-Boy culture was all about street dancing, old skool hip hop and being kitted out head to toe in PUMA.

You may have seen the original B-Boy’s of the late 70’s and early 80’s, spinning around on their heads alongside an old skool ghetto blaster pumping out catchy electronic beats from the likes of Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. The original B-Boy culture coming out neighbourhoods such as the Bronx and Brooklyn of New York City was as influential to 80s youth culture as punk and the casual movement were, bringing with it a new identity of street culture with street dancing, graffiti crews and vibrant sportswear. The B-Boy craze quickly spread to the UK and Europe with films like Style Wars and Beat Street capturing the ever growing movement. Sportswear brands like PUMA were massive on the B-Boy scene, with certain footwear styles like the Suede becoming signature to the movement like a pair of Trimm Trab’s were on the terraces.

Set in the Bronx in New York City, Beat Street (1984), follows a crew of street dancers and their B-Boy lifestyle from tagging trains to dance battles. It is widely accepted that the film brought hip hop and B-Boy culture to the rest of world with the likes of Germany citing the film as the start of their very own graffiti scene with cities like Berlin going on to becoming one of the most influential hubs of street culture in the world. The PUMA Savannah jacket was heavily featured in the film with the T7 going on to become one of the most sought after PUMA collectables of the era. The Savannah has now been re-released as part of a very special limited edition drop in its original old skool 80s format. Stand out characteristics of the celebrated 80s classic include the half zip, the front pocket and the signature contrasting stripes to the sleeves.

PUMA Savannah Jacket

Above: PUMA Savannah B-Boy Jacket in Red

PUMA Savannah Jacket

Above: PUMA Savannah B-Boy Jacket in Black

Above: PUMA T7 B-Boy Track Pants in black.

Following in line with the B-Boy theme PUMA have also gone to town on the classic Suede trainer, the signature style to any orignal B-Boy of the era. Highlights include clean suede uppers, thick B-Boy style laces and some special edition gold plated lace clips for that classic old skool look.

PUMA Suede Classic B-boy fabulous

Above: PUMA Suede Classic B-Boy Fabulous trainers in red

PUMA Suede Classic B-boy fabulous

Above: PUMA Suede Classic B-Boy Fabulous trainers in black

An 80s casual classics fan and collector also recently shared with us his very own PUMA Savannah Jacket collection which I am sure you will all agree is pretty impressive. We have shared with PUMA in the hope of inspiring some further original releases, as after all, classic sportswear is most certainly our thing at 80s CC.

PUMA Savannah Jacket collection

The PUMA Savannah Jacket and PUMA Suede Classic B-Boy Fabulous trainers are all available now at;