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Nick Love: Back To Business

It would be fair to say that Nick Love & Vertigo Films have given us some of the best cult classics to ever come out of the UK.

If you are an avid customer of 80s Casual Classics then chances are you know exactly who Nick Love is. The British film director & writer has given us some of the best legendary lines, laughs and London slang to ever come out of the British film scene. Over the last 20 years Nick Love & Vertigo Films have given us cult classics like Goodbye Charlie Bright from 2001 which gave us a colourful insight into the world of a group of friends on a South London housing estate during the summer with vibrant Lacoste polo shirts, ‘Muggy’ Millwall shirts and plenty of Reebok Classics.

Goodbye Charlie Bright Nick Love Films

Above: Goodbye Charlie Bright from 2001 starring Roland Manookian & Paul Nicholls.

Love then gave us The Football Factory in 2004 which gave an exclusive look into the world of football thuggery & casual culture in the UK. The film was the very first to capture football violence and fashion like never before with lead roles from Danny Dyer, Frank Harper & Tamer Hassan. The film would lead to a revival in casual designer brands like Stone Island, Aquascutum & Prada.

Football Factory

Above: The final fight scene from The Football Factory from 2004 between the Chelsea & Millwall firms.

Obviously one of our favourites from the Nick Love film roster is The Business from 2005. The Business opened up the world of 80s casual sportswear to a new generation as well as re-connecting with original wearers of brands like Fila & Sergio Tacchini from the era. The film pioneered the on screen bromance between Tamer Hassan & Danny Dyer and throws you straight into the glamorous world of South East London gangsters with swanky nightclubs, swimming pools & sportswear.

Danny Dyer Fila Settanta The Business

Above: The Business from 2005 started the onscreen bromance between Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan.

Following the success of The Business, Nick Love once again revived the 80s, only this time in football hooligan form & set on the streets of London. Originally released in 2009, The Firm celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and captured the colourful casual era of the early 1980s. Working closely with the wardrobe for the film, The Firm allowed us to delve deep into the archives of brands like Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini & Fila, reviving OG styles in the process.

Nick Love The Firm

Above: Neil Primett (80s CC) with Nick Love at the UK premiere for The Firm in 2009.

More recently Nick Love & Vertigo Films have been working with Noel Clarke (Kidulthood) & Ashley Walters (Top Boy) with Bulletproof. Inspired by classic cop films like Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys, Bulletproof follows two NCA detectives as they look to bring down some of the UK’s worst criminals. The first series aired on Sky One back in 2018, with season 2 airing tonight at 9pm also on Sky One. As usual, Love’s ‘love’ for sportswear is showcased throughout with Clarke regularly spotted in a selection of adidas trainers and jackets.

Bullet Proof Nick Love

Above: Noel Fielding & Ashley Walters in Nick Love’s latest Bulletproof series.

So what’s next in the pipeline for Nick Love? Well you heard it here first but there are rumours that Love’s next Sky series will see a revival of The Business from 2005 in a new 80s style series. Will Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan revive their original roles as the original 80s sportswear wearing playboys? It’s not known who will actually be starring in the series yet or when it will actually broadcast but be sure to keep posted at 80s Casual Classics for further updates and exclusives in the mean time!

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