We’ve Got An Exclusive Diadora Borg Elite Trainer Dropping At 80s Casual Classics

From the words of Björn Borg himself about the Diadora Borg Elite trainer, “If I were in your shoes, I’d want to buy my shoes.”

If you had to list one of the greatest tennis trainers of all time, the Diadora Borg Elite trainer would come very close to the top. Released in an era where tennis fashion had swept the nation thanks to the likes of Björn Borg and the early casual movement also adopting the Italian sportswear look. Borg had already put fellow Italian brand, Fila, on the map and now Diadora wanted their share of the pie. In 1981 the Italian sportswear label released the Borg Elite trainer with Björn Borg himself endorsing the shoe to a worldwide audience. Designed at the time with the latest Diadora performance technology, the trainer was designed to be the best in the game, hence the name ‘Elite’. The Borg Elite is highly regarded not only as a great tennis shoe but one of the most adored silhouettes of the 80s casual era. If 80s Casual Classics morphed into trainer form it would take the form of the Diadora Borg Elite trainer, no questions asked. One of our biggest all time ever trainer styles at 80s Casual Classics, and did we mention we’ve now got a very exclusive style coming your way?

Above: An original Diadora advert from the early 80s with Björn Borg holding the iconic Borg Elite gold and white colourway.


We’ve got a very exclusive Borg Elite trainer arriving at 80s Casual Classics in the highly sought after white and gold version. Although other colourways have been just as important, its the classic white and gold version that usually get people talking, and the most nostalgic tennis shoe of the 80s tennis era. The original Borg Elite trainer featured Borg’s very own signature on top of the gold Diadora branding, this shoe has literally become like gold dust for classic footwear collectors and admirers to get their hands on. The good news is however, we’ve got a very special exclusive Borg Elite 80s trainer which is now available to pre-order.

Diadora Borg Elite Trainer 80s

Above: The holy grail of 80s casual trainers, the Diadora Borg Elite 80s Signature trainer is now available from 80s Casual Classics.


In celebration of all things 80s, casual and classic, we have introduced a very exclusive Borg Elite ’80s’ trainer. ’80s Elite’ replaces where Borg’s signature once appeared on the original model for an 80s Casual Classic twist on all time tennis classic. The exclusive trainer features premium grain leather uppers, original gold branding to the sides and heel tap as well as the famous ‘ghillie’ lacing system we also saw from other classic trainers of the era.

Diadora Borg Elite Trainer Gold

Above: The Diadora Borg Elite trainer in its classic gold and white colourway now available from 80s Casual Classics.


Alongside our very own exclusive model, we’ve also got a great selection of OG colourways of the Borg Elite trainer including gold, red and black. Each style features the original centre court style with bright white leather uppers and classic Diadora branding to the sides.

Diadora Borg Elite Trainer Black

Above: The Diadora Borg Elite trainer in white and black colourway now available from 80s Casual Classics.


Diadora Borg Elite Trainer Red

Above: The Diadora Borg Elite trainer in white and burgundy red colourway now available from 80s Casual Classics.



  • I the gold as a kid , and remember the silver , are they not available?

    • Luke Taylor

      Hi there

      Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately the white/silver colourway is not available this season. However as per the post we have a great variety of other colourways available as well as very own exclusive style.