Marshall Artist

Marshall Artist Scudo Jacket 12/08/2022

The Marshall Artist Scudo Jacket Is A Must For Your Match Day Wardrobe

The Marshall Artist Scudo Jacket has all your matchday needs covered with its shimmer effect nylon fabric & a range of military inspired pockets. The football season might have started a little bit earlier this season but that doesn’t change the fact you’re still going to probably need some light outerwear for your match day wardrobe. A few weeks ahead of its usual schedule due to the bizarre timings of the World Cup in Qatar (shouldn’t the World Cup be in summer?) our latest outerwear offerings from Marshall Artist tick... Read More

Marshall Artist Acier MA-2 overshirt 19/12/2020

Marshall Artist Introduce A Selection Of Military Inspired Technical Overshirts

Marshall Artist have now introduced an updated selection of technical overshirts like the Marshall Artist Acier MA-2 overshirt which gives a nod to classic military apparel. Synonymous with sirens & street style, Marshall Artist have become a staple British casual brand since its inception back in the early noughties. Focusing on garment innovation, Marshall Artist merges 90s football casual style with modern day streetwear & terrace trends whilst still maintaining their strong British heritage throughout. With a continued focus on technical outerwear, military inspiration & unique dyeing concepts, outerwear &... Read More

Marshall Artist Molecular Overshirt 13/09/2020

Casual Military Style: New Overshirts At 80s CC

New overshirt styles like the Marshall Artist Molecular Overshirt give a nod to the past & the present with updated fabrics & military inspiration. Military inspired outerwear continues to have a strong connection within the casual subculture that spans the last 30 years. The 90s & the noughties saw a massive rise in outerwear on the casual scene. It was all about military inspired silhouettes, loads of pockets & performance fabrics that could withstand whatever the British weather had to offer on a cold November’s evening on the terraces. Worn... Read More

Marshall Artist Siren Sweatshirt pastel 22/02/2020

Marshall Artist: Sirens, Staples & Sweatshirts

Staple styles like the Marshall Artist Siren Sweatshirt get the updated pastel treatment for the latest season. It can certainly be a funny time of the year for the weather here in the UK. Last February we had a mini heat wave, the year before we had the ‘Beast from the East’ and this year has seen a months worth of rainfall descend on our cities, towns and villages. With unpredictable weather, it can sometimes be hard to chose the right gear for the right conditions. But there is no... Read More

Marshall Artist Balistic Vest 18/01/2020

Marshall Artist Get Tactical With Vests & Technical With Sweats

New styles like the Marshall Artist Balistic Vest  & Hybrid Tech Roll Neck will keep you looking on point. It would be fair to say that Marshall Artist have certainly been about the block for a while now. Set up in London back in the early noughties, Marshall Artist has become a respected British designer brand among those in the know. With a rich heritage in military apparel and street ready styles, Marshall Artist has built its reputation around unique designs, quality outerwear and the latest in garment innovation. Crossing... Read More

Marshall Artist Overshirts 18/10/2019

Modern Tailoring: New Marshall Artist Overshirts At 80s CC

Our selection of Marshall Artist Overshirts will make a great additional technical layer over a t-shirt for the colder months. The overshirt is certainly nothing new. The style actually dates back to military uniform introduced throughout the 1940s by the US army. The khaki green field shirt was also a staple part of military uniform worn by US soldiers throughout the Vietnam war, and just like the parka, soon made its way into the general population as a popular ‘military’ style. Although usually in khaki or combat camouflage, the overshirt... Read More

Patagonia Lone Mountain Parka 05/10/2019

Premium Parka Styles At 80s Casual Classics

The Patagonia Lone Mountain Parka is just one of the many premium parka styles to arrive at 80s Casual Classics for the latest season. The parka has long been associated with British subcultures from the original Mod scene of the 1960s to 90s Britpop. Scooters, amphetamines, desert shoes and parkas were all a staple part of the mod lifestyle. It was notably the M-51 Fishtail Parka that became a go to style for the Mods, an updated version of the M-48 which the US army had used throughout the Korean... Read More

Marshall Artist Paninaro Jacket 06/09/2019

New Marshall Artist Styles At 80s Casual Classics

Marshall Artist returns for the latest season with a collection of Paninaro inspired jackets and ripstop windrunners. Even though it may have started in London back in 2001, Marshall Artist has been based out of Manchester since 2015. The Manchester connection has recently seen the brand collaborate with the up and coming North Manchester Grime artist, AITCH. Gaining global ‘apparel’ exposure as seen in his recent collaboration on the track ‘Take Me Back To London’ with Stormzy and Ed Sheeran which has now racked up over 15 million views. As... Read More

Marshall Artist Overshirt 03/03/2019

New Marshall Artist Styles At 80s Casual Classics

This latest collection from Marshall Artist includes an assortment unique fabrics such as the Marshall Artist Overshirt in fluid nylon. British born designer label, Marshall Artist, returns for the latest season with updated silhouettes, garment dyed outerwear and versatile sweats. Since its launch in London back in 2001, Marshall Artist has become a respected designer label from those in the know, known for its quality jackets and technical overshirts. As seen on the likes of Liam Gallagher, Marshall Artist offers affordability but also comes with the same design innovation and... Read More

Diadora sweatshirt logo 02/02/2019

Fresh New Logo Sweats At 80s Casual Classics

From the classic Diadora sweatshirt to the iconic adidas trefoil logo you’ll love our latest collection of sweatshirts for the season. In more recent years the basic crewneck sweatshirt has become just as popular as the traditional knitted jumper with its athletic heritage going back nearly 100 years. As new trends come and go the sweatshirt has stood the test the time and was first seen on athletes in a traditional grey colourway back in the 1920s. The name came from the sweat absorbing function of the fleece cotton jumper... Read More


My Generation: Classic Mod Parka Style At 80s Casual Classics

Our massive selection of classic Mod Parka style will probably make you want to speed off down the road on your scooter. If the Casuals had their Settanta’s and Borg Elite’s, the Mods had their parkas and polo shirts. The original Mod subculture came off the back of the Teddy Boy scene of the 1950s with a group of young Londoner’s looking for something new, something fresh and most of all something modern. Just like the majority of other subcultures it was all about the clothes and the music with... Read More

Marshall Artist Siren Sweatshirt 22/08/2018

New Marshall Artist Siren Sweatshirts, Hoodies & Tees At 80s Casual Classics

The new Marshall Artist Siren sweatshirt is the perfect bit of kit for the start of the football season and the build up to Autumn. Marshall Artist has started to become a bit of a staple at 80s Casual Classics in recent years. What we really like about the British brand is their use of quality fabrics and designs with an end product that doesn’t break the bank like some other designer labels do. Affordable and functional with all the perks and style that you would expect from the casually adored... Read More

Marshall Artist Jackets 28/02/2018

Our Selection Of Marshall Artist Jackets Feature Ripstop & Liquid Nylon Fabrics

The latest Marshall Artist Jackets have now landed at 80s Casual Classics, packing the latest garment innovation such as ripstop & liquid nylon. Since its arrival at 80s Casual Classics, Marshall Artist has become a firm favourite among our worldwide customers and loyal followers. Mixing everything from 90s sportswear, military apparel and the latest garment tech, the Manchester based brand have gained a solid reputation for creating highly functional technical apparel. 80s Casual Classics are a now a key stockist to the brand and we’ve just had a great selection... Read More


This Marshall Artist Overshirt Is Made From A Micro Ripstop Fabric

80’s Casual Classics have you covered this season with the Marshall Artist Micro Ripstop Overshirt. Marshall Artist was born out of Central London in the early noughties and quickly became a sought after menswear label. As well as gaining media attention from the likes of ID, Hypebeast, GQ and Real Clobber, the brand has continued to develop a core following over the years. After a recent revamp and slight branding change the brand now focuses more on the terraces, offering product that doesn’t break the bank but still packs the... Read More