MA.Strum Acid Wash Jackets 12/03/2022

The Acid Wash Collection From MA.STRUM Features A Unique Distressed Fabric

This latest Acid Wash collection from MA.STRUM features across a collection of military inspired outerwear from smocks to field jackets. You can’t really beat a good jacket can you? We’d probably wear our jackets in the summer if we could, some of us still do, because the jacket is quite simply a key ingredient of the whole British casual aesthetic. We’re not saying you need to run around Block D of the Den with a flare in your hand like a complete maniac to appreciate the humble jacket but it... Read More

MA.STRUM Smock 14/10/2021

MA.STRUM: Garment Dyed Smocks & Military Overshirts

The new MA.STRUM Smock will probably make you want to start swaggering down the street to the sound of Supersonic. If there’s one thing you can say about MA.STRUM is that they have constantly stuck to their guns as far as their designs & ethos are concerned. Perhaps a little underrated when compared to some of the more well known Italian sportswear brands like Stone Island or C.P. Company, MA.STRUM still packs a punch. The fact is MA.STRUM are just as good as far as their fabrics and designs are... Read More

MA.STRUM Sweatshirts 04/09/2021

Staple Sweats From MA.STRUM

You can’t really beat the good old sweatshirt but when it’s from a well respected technical sportswear brand like MA.STRUM it doesn’t really get much better. A casual wardrobe staple, the sweatshirt can be integrated into a range of different sporty looks whether its with a pair of classic denims or sweat shorts. Great as an extra layer in the colder months, the sweatshirt has become a key casual style style thanks to technical sportswear brands like MA.STRUM. Originating back in 2008 as a partnership with the Massimo Osti Archive,... Read More


Check Out The Latest MA.STRUM Arrivals At 80s CC

MA.STRUM introduce their latest collection with a selection of staple sweatshirts, military inspired overshirts & classic polo shirts. Brands like MA.STRUM don’t come along that often. Over the last 10 years the brand has stuck to what it does best and that’s simply creating some of the very finest technical apparel to come out of Essex (where they are based) and the UK for that matter. As other brands come & go, MA.STRUM have continued to carve out their own unique take on technical sportswear. After originally collaborating with the... Read More

MA.STRUM Spring 2019 06/01/2020

New MA.STRUM Arrivals At 80s Casual Classics

MA.STRUM has become a highly respected UK brand among those in the know with a penchant for Italian inspired technical sportswear. The MA.STRUM legacy started back in 2009 with an exclusive collaboration with the Massimo Osti Archive, the holy grail of technical outerwear research and garment engineering. The archives feature a vast array of Osti’s brands from Stone Island to C.P. Company, with fabric research, original designs and garment dyeing experimentation from the 70s, 80s & 90s from the godfather of technical sportswear himself. Teaming up with Massimo’s very own... Read More

Patagonia Lone Mountain Parka 05/10/2019

Premium Parka Styles At 80s Casual Classics

The Patagonia Lone Mountain Parka is just one of the many premium parka styles to arrive at 80s Casual Classics for the latest season. The parka has long been associated with British subcultures from the original Mod scene of the 1960s to 90s Britpop. Scooters, amphetamines, desert shoes and parkas were all a staple part of the mod lifestyle. It was notably the M-51 Fishtail Parka that became a go to style for the Mods, an updated version of the M-48 which the US army had used throughout the Korean... Read More

MA.STRUM Jackets 28/09/2019

New MA.STRUM Jackets & Apparel At 80s Casual Classics

The British techwear brand, MA.STRUM, is back for the latest season with a collection of technical MA.STRUM jackets, training inspired sweats and pique polo shirts. It was 10 years ago when MA.STRUM first burst onto the global technical outerwear scene back in 2009 as part of a very special partnership with the Massimo Osti Archive. Under the control of the late Massimo’s very own son, Lorenzo Osti, the Osti Archive is like the Aladdin’s cave of fabric research, garment dyeing and classic Italian sportswear from the 70s, 80s and 90s.... Read More

MA.STRUM Sweatshirts AW18 26/09/2018

MA.STRUM: It’s All About The Fabrics

Our latest collection from MA.STRUM includes winter ready outerwear with crystal nylon fabrics utilising the latest technology and garment innovation. Since MA.STRUM burst on the scene back in 2008 it would be fair to say they have become a highly respected name among those who know their Maharishi from their Marshall Artist. Originally released in collaboration with the Massimo Osti Archive, MA. STRUM draws on everything we love from the original Osti designs of the 80s and 90s, from military influences to technical fabrics and the latest garment innovation. As... Read More

MA.STRUM Pegasus Jacket 12/02/2018

Introducing The MA.STRUM Pegasus Jacket

From the MA.STRUM Pegasus Jacket to military inspired smocks, we’ve got a great selection of outerwear for the jacket fanatics of the world. As the weather starts to transition into ever so slightly warmer days, we’ve got all the jacket fanatics of the world covered with our latest assortment of outerwear. A good piece of outerwear not only needs to keep you dry and weather protected but also needs to look the part come rain, sun, wind or snow. With the ever changing and unpredictable weather, we’ve got a great... Read More