World in Motion: Retro Football Shirts

The retro 1990 England 3rd shirt was famously worn by Bernard Sumner for New Order’s ‘World in Motion’ video from 1990.

Something had changed in 1990. The Berlin wall had come down the previous year. Subcultures and fashion were now changing with the rise of Acid House and rave culture. As you stepped into the early 90s there was an outlook of positivity, unity and change. All this came together for Italia 90′ for one of England’s most memorable World Cups of all time. Although West Germany were still officially West Germany, the unification of Berlin had already started, and this new ideology of freedom somehow transcended into the atmosphere on the Italian streets in 1990. Beyond the street parties and fan fares there were the usual skirmishes between rival football fans, with England fans getting their worst rep from the press like never before.

The Italian authorities took a heavy handed approach to combating the hooligan element, detaining anyone they thought was involved with football violence and sending them straight back home to Heathrow. However, beyond the fighting and the frustrations, Italia 90′ was simply one of the greatest. With the famous Gazza tears, Robertio Baggio’s ponytail and the skill-full wizardry from the Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona.

We also had ‘World in Motion’ from New Order & Factory Records with a video that has gone down as one of the greatest football anthems of all time. Ex Joy Division guitarist and New Order front man, Bernard Sumner, is famously seen wearing the iconic retro 1990 England 3rd shirt in blue throughout the video. With Gazza doing kick ups whilst chanting “Express Yourself” & John Barnes rapping over NO’s signature electronic drum machine sounds. Nothing can quite sum up the summer of 1990 like, “Love’s Got The World In Motion.”

retro football shirts

Above: The latest collection of retro football shirts now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Over the last few years retro football shirts have become absolutely huge. You only need to go a football ground on match day to see the thousands of fans wearing their colours from past eras of glory with kit sponsor nostalgia and retro designs from the 70s, 80s & 90s. Collecting retro football shirts has certainly become big business with famous names like Neal Heard flying the flag for UK collectors after releasing ‘A Lover’s Guide To Football Shirts’ a few years back. Alongside the legendary retro 1990 England 3rd shirt we’ve also got the England 1982 retro football shirt as worn by England legends such as Kevin Keegan, Bryan Robson and Ray Wilkins. Moving away from the national team we’ve also got classic retro football styles from the football league. Highlights include original kit sponsors from Admiral with the Leeds United 1978 home shirt and the Tottenham home shirt from the same year.

England 1990 3rd Shirt

England 1990 3rd Shirt

Above: The 1990 England 3rd shirt in blue now available from 80s Casual Classics.

england retro football shirts

england retro football shirts 1982

Above: The 1982 England retro football shirt now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Retro Football Shirt Leeds 1978 Admiral

Retro Football Shirt Leeds 1978 Admiral

Above: The 1978 Admiral Leeds retro football shirt now available from 80s Casual Classics.

tottenham 1978

tottenham 1978

Above: The 1978 Admiral Tottenham retro football shirt now available from 80s Casual Classics.


Featured Image Credit: New Order // Kev Cummins

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