Fila Courto Track Tops

Fila Courto: Vilas, Victories & Sports Shop Scenes

The Fila Courto track top, as originally worn by Guillermo Vilas, now returns to 80s Casual Classics in true OG form for the latest season.

As far as classic Fila goes it doesn’t really get much better than the original White Line collection from the 70s & 80s. First introduced in 1973, the White Line collection merged premium Italian designer style with performance sportswear. Headed up by the Italian designers, Pier Luigi Rolando & Alessandro Galliano, the White Line put Fila light-years ahead on the tennis courts, rebelling against tennis traditions with stylish sportswear designs & bold colourways. Joining forces with a selection of tennis superstars from the mid 70s onward such as Bjorn Borg & Guillermo Vilas, it was these original White Line designs that would cause a seismic shift in subcultures. The rise of the casuals & their affinity for expensive designer sportswear saw the White Line collection descend on the streets of the UK like wild fire. It is therefore with great pleasure to announce the return of the Fila Vilas or Fila Courto as it is now called in true OG form.

fila vilas track top

Above: Guillermo Vilas wearing the Fila Vilas track top as he lifts the trophy for the Australian Open in 1979.

The Fila Vilas track top was a key White Line style as previously worn by the Argentinean tennis Guillermo Vilas before he switched to Ellesse in the 1980s. Throughout his highly successful tennis career Vilas won 4 Grand Slam titles between 1977-79 & famously wore the signature White Line style as he lifted the trophy for the Australian Open in 1979.

Fila Vilas track top the Business

Above: Danny Dyer tries on the Fila Vilas in the iconic sports shop scene from The Business.

If you’re an avid fan of the cult classic film ‘The Business’ from 2005 you’ll probably recognise the Vilas from the sports shop scene. Frankie who is played by Danny Dyer tries on the Vilas in one of the most iconic sportswear scenes in the film. The sportswear shop scene is also the very first time in the Nick Love film that we are introduced to brands like Fila & Sergio Tacchini. When Frankie returns home from the store we are then treated to Tamer Hassan’s comical line “You look like you’re about to walk onto centre court” giving a reference to the fact that 80s casuals wore expensive tennis gear.

Fila Courto Vilas Track Top

Above: The Fila Courto track top in red/navy/white now available from 80s Casual Classics.

The Fila Vilas or Courto as it now called now returns in true OG form. Previous revival iterations of the classic White Line style did not include the signature fold down collar which features on this latest version. Featuring a textured polyester fabric for a more premium look, the Courto features original colour-blocking detailing in the signature Fila colours of red, white & blue. The legendary White Line style is finished off with the iconic ‘F’ branding to the chest and the zip. We’ve also introduced the legendary Vilas style in a fresh cream, black & white colourway. The Fila Courto track top is a must have style for any serious retro sportswear collector.

fila courto cream

Above: The Fila Courto track top in black/cream/white now available from 80s Casual Classics.

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