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10 Years On: Original Tracktop Styles From The Firm

The cult British film that brought us amusing cockney slang like “Dry Lunch” as well as introducing more Italian sportswear to the big screen than ever before.

The Firm (2009) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and yes, we also helped Nick Love out with the wardrobe for the film and what an experience that was! The film allowed us to delve deep into the archives of classic casual 80s brands like Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Ellesse, whilst also introducing exclusive styles and colourways to our globally respected store. Original tracksuit styles like the Sergio Tacchini Orion, the Fila Terrinda and the Ellesse Rimini were the real ‘wardrobe’ stars of the film, with quotes like “You look like a fucking postbox in that tracksuit” a reference to the boldness of the colourways of the original casual era which the film portrayed beautifully. Featuring Paul Anderson as Bex, the ‘top boy’ of the firm, the lead role and arguably the top boy when it came to the classic sportswear featured. For Anderson the role also played a pivotal moment in his career, landing him supporting roles in Top Boy and of course a lead role as Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders. 10 years on and the legacy of The Firm continues. With rumours of The Business 2 on the horizon, who knows what is around the corner from a cult classic and casual classics wardrobe perspective!

Ellesse Rimini The Firm

Above: Key track top styles from The Firm (2009) from Ellesse, Fila & Sergio Tacchini.

Key Bex highlights from The Firm included iconic 80s styles like the Ellesse Rimini, which famously featured in the very first scene as Bex says goodbye to his wife and walks across his ‘manor’ with his top boy swagger on and daily newspaper in hand. Thanks to endorsements from Guillermo Villas and Boris Becker, Ellesse was a key sportswear brand of the 80s. Our involvement with The Firm saw 80s Casual Classics revive the Italian brand to a new generation of sportswear fans with the Rimini becoming a key style to our business over the last 10 years. Still available in the original ‘Bex’ navy/royal colourway the Rimini looks just as good today as it did in the 80s and its revival in 2009.

ellesse rimini bex the firm

ellesse rimini bex the firm

Above: The Ellesse Rimini ‘Bex’ track top in navy/royal available now from 80s Casual Classics.

The Fila Terrinda also played an important wardrobe role in the 2009 cult classic. As featured throughout the film and worn by Bex (Paul Anderson) and Dom (Calum MacNab) the Terrinda still continues to be one of our best selling track top styles of all time. Born from the original Bjorn Borg connection and Pier Luigi Rolando designs of the early 80s, the Settanta is just one of them iconic 80s Fila styles you can’t really put a price on. Its premium velour look still remains as relevant today as it did after its original release back in 1982.

Fila Bex Terrinda

fila terrinda mk3 track top

Above: The Fila Terrinda Mk3 track top in electric blue now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Alongside the Ellesse Rimini and the Fila Terrinda we’ve also got the Sergio Tacchini Orion which made its grand appearance after featuring in the sports shop scene with the lines “Put that yellow Sergio in the bag”. The Orion was also worn and endorsed by the American tennis legend, John McEnroe, and over the years the Orion has also become a key Tacchini style here at 80s Casual Classics. The iconic yellow and white colourway is still available as worn by Bex and Dom in The Firm and just looks as classic today as it ever did.

the firm wardrobe

Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top

Above: The Sergio Tacchini Orion track top in yellow/white now available from 80s Casual Classics.

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