casuals documentary

The Casuals: The Story of the Legendary Terrace Fashion

80’s CC’s very own, Neil Primett, stars in the casuals documentary exploring the British subculture and terrace trends.

The casual movement really started in the late 70’s when football clubs such as Liverpool were experiencing European glory. On their European travels ‘firms’ of young lads would bring back new and unseen continental labels like Lacoste, Fila, Sergio Tacchini and other sportswear labels. These designer sportswear labels were to become some of the most talked about terrace brands for decades to come.  The police were still looking for the Dr Martens type skinhead look, the casual movement changed all this allowing the firms to slip off the radar.  A whole nostalgia is now attached to these brands whether terrace related or not as true icons of the era.

casuals documentary

The latest casuals documentary from Cass Pennant and Urban Edge Films explores the relationship with football, fashion and the casual subculture. The film features industry insiders such as adidas SPEZIAL’s curator Gary Aspden, our very own Neil Primett, Petter Hooton of The Farm and Gary Bushell journalist and author of ‘Hoolies’ and ‘Cockney Reject’. Featuring original archive footage, interviews and the casual clothing legacy which is now even bigger than before. Just like the punks, the mods, the rockers, the perry boys and the skins, the casual movement was just as influential on modern day trends like any other. As sportswear and technology has evolved over the last 30 or so years, its still that original heritage look people are yearning for and that classic 80’s style.

You can check out the trailer above with the full feature Casuals documentary available to watch and stream from now.

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