Bjorn Borg Fila

Borgmania: Get The Complete “Ice Man” Look

Does classic sportswear from the 80s really get much better than Bjorn Borg Fila sportswear connection?

Dubbed by many as a rock ‘n’ roll star of his era. Bjorn Borg was like the on court equivalent of The Beatles, but instead of guitars and grey suits Borg had a tightly strung tennis racket & wore some of the very finest Italian sportswear known to man. Everything was just super cool about the guy. His ‘Ice Man’ demeanor & cool head that literally never gave anything away to his opponent even if he was 2 sets down. Borg also looked like no other tennis player before him and quickly became the pin up boy for numerous sportswear brands of the era. Fila & Diadora both owe a lot of their heritage to Borg. The Bjorn Borg Fila & Diadora connections are both up there as some of the greatest in the entire history of sportswear endorsements. Borg’s competitive edge, his playboy lifestyle, his Scandinavian good looks and unique Italian sportswear style created an unrivalled winner that the media, his fans & even his own opponents simply couldn’t get enough of. Welcome to Borgmania!

Bjorn Borg Fila

Above: Borgmania with the Fila Settanta, BB1 polo shirt, Fila shorts & Diadora Elite trainers.

The absolute pinnacle of casual fashion was when Borg & McEnroe stepped out onto the grass for the Wimbledon final in 1980. Borg wore his signature Fila Settanta in red, the famous track top from the legendary White Line. Designed by Pier Luigi Rolando, the Settanta looked to change the traditions of tennis gear merging the lines between performance & Italian styling. The varsity style design is arguably one of the most recognisable & respected Fila styles of all time.

Above: The Fila Settanta Track Top in red now available from 80s Casual Classics.

The Settanta, or BB1 polo shirt as it also known, is also considered casual royalty when we talk about classic Fila from the 80s era. Borg wore the classic White Line polo shirt style on numerous victories & Grand Slam titles making the BB1 a winner its own right. The original design again looked to break barriers with stripes as oppose to the traditional all white uniform that had been worn on tennis courts for decades before it.

fila borg settanta Mk1

Above: The Fila Settanta Polo Shirt in white/red/navy now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Borg also endorsed his very own shoe, with Diadora pimping up the Elite with a new shiny gold version. The gold version of the Borg Elite quickly became the Holy Grail of casual footwear for its hefty price tag and premium ‘Made in Italy’ construction. The Borg Elite captured the Swedish superstar’s flamboyance on and off the court and featured a unique lightweight design with a carbon injected sole.

Above: The Diadora Borg Elite trainer in white/gold now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Finally no Bjorn Borg Fila outfit would be complete without a pair of classic Fila shorts. Borg was the centre court king of short shorts, with classic styles from Fila becoming a key casual sportswear look of the era for many. The classic 80s shorts are still great for posing around the swimming pool on holiday for them ultimate “The Business” vibes!

Fila Tennis Shorts

Above: The Fila Borg Tennis Shorts in navy now available from 80s Casual Classics.

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