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My adidas: Full Tracksuits & Superstar Trainers The Run-DMC Way

If there was any hip hop group from the 80s that introduced 3 stripes tracksuits and adidas trainers to a global audience it was without a doubt Run-DMC.

Originating in Queens, NYC back in 1981, Run-DMC were one of the first hip hop groups to take B-Boy culture and hip hop music into the mainstream. The rap trio consisted of Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell, with Run-DMC becoming the first hip hop group to go Gold with their debut self titled album from 1984. Crowned ‘The Greatest Group Of All Time’ by MTV in 2007 as well as receiving a Lifetime Grammy Achievement Award in 2016 and being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2009, the musical legacy of Run-DMC speaks for itself. Run-DMC are still arguably one of the most successful, original and respected hip hop acts to ever exist.

RUN DMC adidas style

Above: The original Run-DMC B-Boy 80s style featuring the adidas Superstar tracktop.

It wasn’t just their OG hip hop sound that made Run-DMC stand out however, it was their love for all things 3 stripes. The trio pioneered the original B-Boy style with full adidas tracksuits, adidas Superstar trainers worn with their signature ‘no laces and tongue out’ look, bucket hats, black leather trilby’s and some of the thickest gold chains you will probably ever set your eyes on. The no laces style was inspired from prison, whereby laces are removed from shoes to avoid self harm of prisoners, a real life NYC street look endorsed by the group to the MTV masses. The B-Boy look was no longer something you just saw on breakers’ busting their moves on the street corners of the Bronx, it was now going global.

run dmc adidas world tour

Above: An official signed poster for the Run-DMC ‘My adidas’ world tour from 1988.

To show their love for ‘The Brand With The 3 Stripes’ Run-DMC released the track ‘My adidas’ in 1986. Taken from their 3rd studio album ‘Raising Hell’ the track features lyrics such as “With Lee on my legs and adidas on my feet, and now I just standin’ here shooting the gif, me and D and my adidas standing on 2 Fifth”. The track would lead to an official endorsement with adidas for $1.6 million and the ‘My adidas’ world tour in 1988 as well as numerous collaborations between Run-DMC and the adidas Superstar trainer. The endorsement was also the very first deal between hip hop artists and a major sportswear company, with adidas signing multiple high profile rappers over the next 30 years from Pharrell Williams to Snoop Dog to Kanye West. The 3 stripes x hip hop fuse had been lit.

RUN DMC adidas outfit superstar

Above: Run-DMC adidas inspiration at 80s Casual Classics featuring the adidas Firebird tracksuit and Superstar trainers.

The adidas Superstar trainer was first introduced as a basketball shoe in 1969. The original ‘shell toe’ shoe was also one of the first silhouettes to emerge from the US sneaker culture thanks to endorsements from Run-DMC, its simple design and basketball/street connection. The adidas tracksuit was also a signature look for the hip hop trio again forging a close connection to music and subcultures. Notable styles worn by the NYC born rappers included the Superstar and the Firebird which were usually styled in full tracksuit form. In celebration of all things adidas and Run-DMC we have put together an 80s hip hop inspired outfit featuring the iconic adidas Superstar trainer, the adidas Firebird tracksuit and the classic Kangol Bermuda hat.

adidas Superstar trainer Run-DMC

Above: The adidas Superstar trainers in white/green now available from 80s Casual Classics.

adidas Firebird Track Top & Bottoms Scarlet

Above: The adidas Firebird full tracksuit in scarlet red now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Kangol Bermuda Hat Run-DMC

Above: The Kangol Bermuda hat in scarlet now available from 80s Casual Classics.

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