adidas Beckenbauer track top

The adidas Beckenbauer Is Back!

If there was one particular 3 stripes style that summed up 80s Casual Classics it would be the adidas Beckenbauer track top all day long.

A style that is rich in football nostalgia and 3 stripes heritage, the adidas Beckenbauer is one of a kind. It’s a classic sportswear 3 stripes style that just can’t be matched, relatively simple in design yet so iconic and admired at the same time. Although adidas still enjoy huge celebrity football endorsements in the modern game such as the likes of Paul Pogba, Toni Kroos & Lionel Messi, it was really Franz Beckenbauer that brought the 3 stripes and football connection into fruition. When all said and done Beckenbauer is the 3 stripes king, with a tracksuit named after him and not only that, one of the best selling and most popular adidas track tops of all time. Apart from maybe some of the 80s tennis greats like Björn Borg who else can really claim this sportswear apparel endorsement royalty?

Franz Beckenbauer adidas tracksuit

Above: Franz Beckenbauer, the original football face of the brand with the 3 stripes.

The highly decorated football legend, not only boasts one of the most iconic 3 stripes pieces to ever exist, he is still the only football captain and manager to win the World Cup in both roles. The tracksuit icon first made its mark on the 3 stripes world back in 1973, a year before ‘Der Kaiser’ would captain West Germany in the 1974 World Cup. Held in West Germany, Beckenbauer would go on to lift the most sought after of all trophies, the World Cup, in front of his home nation. Whilst adidas may have released the Beckenbauer in celebration of the German football legend, the Beckenbauers’ appeal quickly gained appreciation from different subcultures throughout the 70s and 80s. The B-Boys loved a bit of the Beckenbauer, and usually in full matching tracksuit style, whereas the Casuals opted more for just the track top and anything else adidas they could get their hands on. Regardless of how it was worn, it was the subcultures throughout this particular era that has given the adidas Beckenbauer the status it holds today, not to mention the fact Beckenbauer is still considered one of the most celebrated football players of all time. Like the BJ to Fila, the Dallas to Sergio, the Beckenbauer is just simply one of the greatest.

adidas Beckenbauer track top vapour steel

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top in vapour steel available now at 80s Casual Classics.

Now introduced back to 80s Casual Classics, the legendary adidas Beckenbauer track top returns in some fresh new colourways for a subtle update to your 3 stripes wardrobe. The timeless Beckenbauer track top silhouette is now introduced in the likes of vapour steel, deep claret and legend marine with all the OG archive features of the 1973 release. With the iconic 3 stripes running down each sleeve all the way from the neck to cuff as well as the trefoil adidas logo embroidered to the chest. Does classic adi’ really get much better? We don’t think so.

adidas Beckenbauer track top legend marine

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top in legend marine available now at 80s Casual Classics.

adidas Beckenbauer track top deep claret

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top in deep claret available now at 80s Casual Classics.

adidas Beckenbauer track top black

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top in black available now at 80s Casual Classics.

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