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Game Set & Match: The Build Up To Wimbledon

With literally a month a go to the start of the worlds most celebrated grand slam tennis tournament, the build up to Wimbledon has officially begun.

Wimbledon 2018 will mark the 132nd edition from the SW19 lawn club, with a prestige and heritage that has been built up since 1877. The 2 week tournament sees some of the worlds biggest stars from all over the world secure their seats at centre court which has played host to some of the biggest tennis matches in history between Peter Sampras & Boris Becker, Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer and of course John McEnroe & Björn Borg for the Wimbledon 1980 & 1981 finals. Wimbledon is not only the oldest tennis tournament in the entire world but the only major tournament that is still played on grass. With a staggering £2.2 million up for grabs for the winner its no surprise people flock in their thousands to South West London for a glimpse of the most prestigious tennis tournament on the planet.

bjorn borg wimbledon 1980

Above: A fierce rivalry. Borg & McEnroe come head to head at the Wimbledon 1980 final.

This time of year also holds a very significant time for all the dressers of the world. Tuning into the latest catch up tennis match usually results in a whole host of classic sportswear brands on display from the likes of Fila, Lacoste & Sergio Tacchini and a reminder of the casual heydays of John McEnroe & Björn Borg. Brands that hold as much significance off the courts as they do on, with recent films like Borg vs McEnroe celebrating the early 80s tennis era, the nostalgia and the countdown to one of the most important games that ever graced the grass of centre court.

bjorn borg wimbledon 1980

Above: Björn Borg proudly displays the Wimbledon 1980 trophy wearing the Fila BJ track top in classic red.

The Borg vs McEnroe film features the build up to the famous Wimbledon 1980 final, where the two tennis legends John McEnroe & Björn Borg come head to head for the first time at the prestigious London tournament. The rivalry is captured through the direction of Janus Metz Pedersen with McEnroe played by Shia LaBeouf and Borg played by Sverrir Gudnason. If tennis nostalgia is your thing then it’s most definitely worth a watch and is now available to watch on Sky Movies, not to mention the 80s casual sportswear featured throughout. Although the badges of Fila & Sergio Tacchini were removed for the filming the spirit is most certainly there and we also proudly supplied some of the wardrobe for the film.

Mcenroe Wimbeldon trophy

Above: John McEnroe lifts the Wimbledon 1984 trophy sporting his famous Sergio Tacchini Dallas track top.

In celebration of the build up to Wimbledon 2018 we have put together a selection of some all time tennis classics as worn by John McEnroe & Björn Borg. Fila was Borg’s signature brand with classics like the Fila BJ (Matchday) track top and the iconic Fila Settanta polo with its signature pin stripes. McEnroe on the other hand was the pin up boy for fellow Italian sportswear brand, Sergio Tacchnini, with signature track top styles like the Ghibli & Masters as well as the Blow polo shirt a constant sight on centre court when the US tennis legend played.

Fila Settanta Navy Wimbledon 1980

Above: The Fila Settanta track top in navy/gardenia/red now available at 80s Casual Classics.

Fila Vintage Mk1 Settanta Polo Shirt White Red Navy 1

Above: The Fila Settanta polo shirt in white/red/navy now available at 80s Casual Classics.


Above: The Sergio Tacchini Dallas track top in navy/red/white now available at 80s Casual Classics.

Sergio Tacchini Masters Track White Navy

Above: The Sergio Tacchini Masters track top in white/navy now available at 80s Casual Classics.

Sergio Tacchini Blow Polo White

Above: The Sergio Tacchini Blow polo shirt in white/navy/red now available at 80s Casual Classics.

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