Diadora Titan Trainer 16/10/2021

Impact Control: The Diadora Titan Trainer Returns

The Diadora Titan trainer first surfaced on the sneaker world all the way back in 2013 and has since become a bit of an “Azzurri” staple. Coming off the back of the retro runners’ revival of the twenty-tens, the Titan trainer captured all of the Italian sportswear brands’ running nostalgia of the 1980s & 1990s. From past collaborations with the likes of NYC’s Extra Butter to exclusive colourways such as ‘Ocean Depths’ & ‘Chilli Pepper’, the Titan trainer captured the hearts of modern day sneaker fans as well as the... Read More

Diadora Titan Trainer 01/04/2021

Clash Of The Titans: The Return Of The Diadora Titan Trainer

The Diadora Titan trainer gives a nod to past running icons from the Italian sportswear brand and now returns to its spiritual home. If there’s one thing that a good sports brand does it’s diversification. Take the Italian sportswear brand Diadora for example. From humble beginnings with the introduction of their very first climbing boots in the 1950s, to their first football boots & tennis shoes in the 1970s & then their first running shoes in the 1980s. There has always been something a bit different about Diadora that has... Read More