Nick Love

Nick Love A Town Called Malice 04/03/2021

A Town Called Malice: Nick Love Returns To The Costa Del Crime

Nick Love & Vertigo Films are apparently working on A Town Called Malice, a forthcoming crime saga set on the Costa Del Crime in the 1980s. According to numerous sources Nick Love & Vertigo Films will be revisiting the Costa Del Crime again in the 1980s with A Town Called Malice, a series which will follow in the footsteps of the cult classic, The Business, from 2005. The Business marked the next chapter of British crime thrillers and starred a young Danny Dyer alongside Tamer Hassan & Geoff Bell. Throwing... Read More

Nick Love 26/11/2020

Casual Recollections With Nick Love

Ever since the early noughties British film director, Nick Love, has brought us a range of different subcultures & scenes to the big screen. Nick Love is a British film director that has put his spin on various eras from the 1980s to the mid noughties. From growing up on a London council estate in the early noughties with Goodbye Charlie Bright, the glamourous ex-pat gangster life on the “Costa Del Crime” in the 1980s & an insight into Chelsea’s notorious Headhunter’s firm with the Football Factory in the mid... Read More

Fila Swim Shorts Dyer 20/03/2020

Nick Love: Back To Business

It would be fair to say that Nick Love & Vertigo Films have given us some of the best cult classics to ever come out of the UK. If you are an avid customer of 80s Casual Classics then chances are you know exactly who Nick Love is. The British film director & writer has given us some of the best legendary lines, laughs and London slang to ever come out of the British film scene. Over the last 20 years Nick Love & Vertigo Films have given us cult... Read More