adidas Lacombe tennis trainer 11/06/2020

The adidas Lacombe Trainer Is An OG Hybrid Tennis Shoe

What do you get when you combine the names Laver & Newcombe? “Lacombe” of course, which in essence is exactly what the adidas Lacombe tennis trainer is. For those out there who don’t know their Superstar’s from their Stan Smith’s, the Lacombe trainer could quite easily be mistaken for an original 3 stripes tennis silhouette from the 1970s. Well in a way it kind of is, but at the same it isn’t. Confused? There’s no need to be. The Lacombe is basically a hybrid design that combines the heritage of... Read More

adidas Lacombe Suede 11/03/2020

The adidas Lacombe Trainer Gets A Subtle Suede Update

Inspired from the 3 stripes tennis archives, the adidas Lacombe trainer is now treated to a subtle suede update for the latest season. Although not officially an original adidas archive silhouette, the adidas Lacombe trainer doesn’t disappoint on the heritage inspiration front. The Lacombe is rich in 3 stripes tennis nostlagia and looks back to a golden era of performance court shoes from the German sportswear brand. Although adidas really made its mark in the 80s with their revolutionary running trainers, the 60s and 70s was all about indoor training... Read More

adidas lacombe trainer newcombe rod laver history 17/07/2019

Everything You Need To Know About The adidas Lacombe Trainer

Even though the adidas Lacombe trainer is a relatively new release its inspiration and heritage goes way back to the 70s when Rod Laver and John Newcombe introduced their very own 3 stripes tennis styles. Originally introduced in 2016 as part of Gary Aspden’s SPEZIAL line, the adidas Lacombe trainer is now treated to a global 3 stripes release. Looking back to an era of the first adidas tennis endorsements and laid back leather styles, the Lacombe is rich in 3 stripes court heritage from the 1970s. What’s so great... Read More