Scotland 1978 Home Football Shirt 10/06/2021

Are You Euros Ready?

Our latest collection of Euro 2020 goodies includes a selection of retro football shirts like the Scotland 1978 home shirt. Euro 2020 is officially here! Or do we now call it Euro 2021? Anyway, one of the greatest European football tournaments will get underway in just over 24 hours. You just simply cannot beat football fever during the summer months even if it is a year delayed. This year might be a bit different let’s say to previous tournaments, but at least we can now all enjoy a few cold... Read More

Weekend Offender Maradona Oasis 23/12/2020

Going Mad For It With Maradona

The Weekend Offender Diego Maradona t-shirt celebrates the legendary meeting between the Gallagher brothers & Maradona in Argentina. Following the death of the Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona last month, Weekend Offender have now introduced a t-shirt which celebrates the legendary photo of the Gallagher brothers with “El Pibe de Oro”. A god like figure to many Argentinians & arguably one of the greatest number 10’s ever to grace the grass of the football elite, Maradona sadly passed away last month after suffering a heart attack at his home in... Read More