Sergio Tacchini Orion Tracktop

The Iconic Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top At The Movies

From Breaking Bad to The Firm, the Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top has seen its fair share of big screen action.

There are certain Tacchini styles that have brought with them an era of tennis nostalgia and off the court swagger that just simply can’t be replicated. Celebrated track tops like the Masters, the Ghibli and of course the Orion have become some of the most desirable releases to come from the Italian sportswear label. The connection off the court has been just as strong to the ‘match point’ action from the likes of Sergio’s very own tennis legend, John McEnroe, with the original casuals adopting the styles alongside a wealth of classic sportswear admirers.

Here at 80s Casual Classics not only have we brought back exclusive Sergio Tacchini styles over the years but we have also worked alongside a variety of films, documentaries and box sets in supplying the wardrobe to capture that authentic 80s look. In this feature we explore the Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top and some of the titles we have worked alongside that have featured the all time tennis classic.

Don Eladio Sergio Tacchini

Above: Don Eladio in Breaking Bad wearing the Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top during his first meeting with Gustavo Fring.

Yes that’s right we supplied the Orion for the critically acclaimed crime drama series, Break Bad (2008 – 2013) from Vince Gilligan. As box sets seem to now be taking over the traditional film release, Breaking Bad has become of the most watched and adored box sets to date. The Orion is featured one of the most feared cartel leaders, Don Eladio (Steven Bauer), as part of a throwback scene whereby he first meets the founder of Los Pollos Hermanos, Gustava Fring aka Gus to discuss the potential of distributing methamphetamine through the delivery channels of his fast food chain.

Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top Bex

Above: Bex (Paul Anderson) sporting the Orion Track Top from Nick Love’s The Firm released in 2009.

After working on the wardrobe for Nick Love’s highly anticipated football crime drama, The Firm, released in 2009 we brought back the Orion Tracktop in the classic yellow colourway which was heavily featured in the film. As seen on ‘Bex’ played by Paul Anderson who went on to land a lead role in Peaky Blinders as Arthur Shelby and ‘Dom’ played by Callum Mcnab who also starred as Raff in the Football Factory. The story between Bex and Dom highlights how Dom constantly tries to be like Bex by copying his dress sense and even buying the exact same clothes he wears.

Above: “Put that yellow Sergio in the bag.” 80s Casual Classics’ very own Neil Primett, who also starred in The Firm as the sports shop worker selling Bex (Paul Anderson) his Orion Track Top.

Above: The 80s Casual Classics lads mocking The Firm with founder Neil Primett kitted out in the Orion Tracksuit.

Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top

Above: Framed Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top as featured in The Firm signed by Paul Anderson & Calum MacNab.

So then, all you classic Sergio fans out there will be pleased to hear we have managed to secure limited stock of the highly celebrated Orion Track Top in a variety of different sizes. The signature style features blue piping to the chest and arms with a white top and a pastel yellow bottom. Does classic Italian sportswear really get much better?

Above: Sergio Tacchini Orion Track Top in yellow/white available now at 80s Casual Classics

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