Sergio Tacchini New Young Line McEnroe

Sergio Tacchini New Young Line: The Return Of An 80s Tennis Icon

The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line range came off the back of the original Young Line and was worn by 80s tennis legends such as John McEnroe & Pat Cash.

Even if you didn’t grow up in the golden era of Italian sportswear in the 1980s it’s not hard to see why there was such a massive appeal of brands like Sergio Tacchini at the time. For one it just looked cool & classier than the majority of sportswear brands available during the era. It was also endorsed by rock ‘n’ roll tennis superstars like John McEnroe throughout his highly profiled tennis career. You could argue all day about what was the golden era in tennis was for sportswear brands. Was it Agassi & Sampras in the 90s with Nike? Or McEnroe & Cash in the 80s with Sergio Tacchini? For us, and to many people, it’s got to be the 1980s. It was where sportswear became cool, casual & collectable. It was where creative Italian designers like Sergio Tacchini changed tennis uniforms to be stylish and sleek. It was where many of us started what would become a lifelong passion for sportswear. The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line is a testament to that passion for retro sportswear from the 1980s.

New Young LIne advert

Above: An original sportswear catalogue advert for the Sergio Tacchini New Young Line from 1984.

The origins of the New Young Line from Sergio Tacchini started with the Young Line back in the early 80s. John McEnroe was even wearing the Young Line polo shirt during his famous centre court meltdown at Wimbledon in 1981 against Tom Gullikson as the umpire called his shot out. The New Young Line originated in 1984 and was famously seen on McEnroe at the French Open final in 1984 against Ivan Lendl. Funnily enough McEnroe was also wearing the New Young Line polo shirt during his outburst at the Stockholm Open in 1984. The main difference with the Young Line & the New Young Line was the fact that the New Young Line featured a complete colour block design running across the shoulders & the chest usually in navy, red & yellow. Originally available in polo shirt & track top form, the track top also featured removable zip sleeves which became a popular casual look at the time.

Sergio Tacchini New Young Line McEnroe

Above: The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line track top in white/navy now available to pre-order from 80s Casual Classics.

The good news for the casual collectors & retro sportswear fans out there is that the Sergio Tacchini New Young Line track top now makes it grand return to 80s Casual Classics. The latest version sees the removal of the zip off sleeves for an updated fit whilst still maintaining the true OG aesthetic of the John McEnroe & Pat Cash tennis style. Coming in a classic white/navy colourway that could quite easily have featured in an original Tacchini advert from the mid 80s, the New Young Line is officially back with a bang at 80s Casual Classics and available now to pre-order for August 2020 delivery.

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