Reebok Classic Nylon

Updated Classics & Original 80s Fitness Styles From Reebok

Footwear styles like the Classic & the Reebok Phase One Pro trainer were originally launched in the 80s era for the gym goers of the new fitness revolution.

The 1980s gym revolution paved the way for sportswear brands like Reebok to stamp their “classic” style on the new fitness market. Throughout the 80s the traditional gym transformed from the dirty underground sweat box once associated with shady gangsters and semi pro boxers to the fancy new commercial type, with saunas, steam rooms, work out areas and everything you needed to keep in tip top shape. Everyone started getting in on the new trend, with city yuppies and a new wave of fitness fanatics also looking for the right gear to wear during their workout. Wannabe fashionistas might talk now about the whole “sports lux” trend like they have just reinvented the wheel, but wearing athletic gear for every day purposes really took its hold during the gym revolution of the 80s, with brands like Reebok playing a key part in the 80s fitness phenomenon. People didn’t just want to go the gym and workout, they also wanted to look good whilst they were doing it. Gone were the days of wearing a pair of tatty Chuck Taylors’ and an old grey tracksuit, the 80s gym revolution saw the birth of classic styles from Reebok like the Reebok Phase One Pro, the Reebok Classic, the original Reebok Workout and the Reebok Club C. As trainers became the thing for everyday casual wear, Reebok set about to release a range of styles to cater for the new fitness market from aerobics, running, squash, tennis, cross-training and general gym use.

Reebok Phase One Advert 80s

Above: An original Reebok advert from 1985. “If Phase 1 isn’t the best tennis shoe you’ve ever worn, we’ll refund your money and send you a free can of tennis balls.”

The Reebok Phase One Pro trainer first made its grand entrance on the trainer world back in 1985 as part of the ongoing classic leather series. The trusty tennis shoe was sold as one of the comfiest tennis styles of the era, with the brand even offering to refund the customer as well as a free can of tennis balls if they weren’t happy with it! A big sales pitch from the Bolton born sportswear brand but they clearly knew they had a good product to start with. Even though the Reebok Phase One is no longer really used for tennis it’s the classic leather 80s connection that puts the silhouette up there as an all time favourite.

Reebok Phase One Pro White

Above: The Reebok Phase One Pro trainer in white/black now available at 80s Casual Classics.

If you’re talking about all things classics from Reebok, then you have also got to mention the original Classic Leather from 1983. Introduced at the height of the fitness revolution as a unisex runner model for working out in and everyday casual wear, the Classic is arguably one of the most recognized Reebok silhouettes of all time. Although relatively basic in style, the Classic has become legendary among street culture over the last 30 years for its practical design and original 80s look. The original Classic is now reworked in nylon and suede for an updated spin on the iconic style, also available in an assortment of updated colourways such as team navy, dark green and black.

Reebok Classic 1983 advert

Above: “Classic Shoes From Reebok”. An original Reebok Classic magazine advert from 1983.

Reebok Classic Nylone Collection

Above: The updated Reebok Classic Nylon trainer now available at 80s Casual Classics.

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