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Neil Primett Has a Casual Chat With Awayday Radio

80s Casual Classics founder, Neil Primett, has a casual chat with Awayday Radio exploring the revival of casual fashion & retro sportswear.

“For Awayday Radio just adjust the dial for terrace casual, panache and style, interviews and tunes the awayday buzz keeps it fresh is what it does, soul two-tone reggae and ska old tune classic and acoustic guitar, lads and lassies stay safe stay true Awayday Radio is made for you.” This pretty much describes what Away Radio are all about. A melting pot of casual culture, casual fashion & all the music surrounded with it from classic house to jazz funk to 90s Britpop as well as the odd interview thrown in for good luck.

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80s Casual Classics founder, Neil Primett recently sat down with the underground station for a casual chat about all things 80s, Neil’s own personal story & the revival of retro sportswear.

Neil, thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Awayday Radio, seeing as we’re a radio station based on a love for all things music, casual culture/clobber and football, which of those would you say was your first passion as a teenager growing up in the 80s?

You got me, I refuse Ha- imagine 10 years in 79 and was a single parent kid with an older brother, my mum did her best by me and my Grandad helped a bit and took me to some football Games even though he supported Plymouth 😊 .

Mum knew not to make choices for me at a young age, I had good clothes the best trainers and football boots funded by my Grandad as I loved football and was team Captain 9-14yrs. Not being near my team Liverpool and dad living miles away occasionally I was at Luton to watch Plymouth or Highbury as Finsbury Park was on the train line stop to London.

I guess coming out of the 70s into 80s I was well into punk Damned, Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Sex Pistols, Sham 69 so I’m either playing football every night and weekends or at home playing music getting angry or letting off. Clothing was falling in line I guess New Wave look Sta Press before Farahs, Fred Perry and a Waffle jumper. Loved my Nike Wally waffle for middle distance running and then tearing it up down the youth club.

Can you remember the first decent piece of clobber you bought growing up in that era?

I have a picture from 1980 where I’m wearing sky sta press, Fred Perry Turquoise and a Navy Waffle Cardigan over with the football leather buttons and some Nike wally waffle in the turquoise like Blue / yellow – felt cool as fuck.

Check out the full interview here.


Neil Primett will be joining Gary Harris on the Saturday live show on February 13th 2021 at 2.00 PM. Be sure to tune in here to hear of Neil’s story.

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