The 80s CC Guide To The Ultimate Trainer Protection

When it comes to splashing out on your favourite footwear, sneakers or ‘trainees’ as some may call them, it makes perfect sense to give them the right protection.

We are all guilty of stepping out in a pair of new brand new box fresh trainers to have them covered in dirt, mud and any other substances you come into contact with. Before brands like Crep Protect came on the scene there were other shoe protection brands out there but none really that connected with the sneaker lovers of the world and a way of protecting their sought after ‘collectables’. Trainer culture is so big around the world that some of us will buy the latest 3 stripes without ever taking them out of the box. You wouldn’t buy the latest sports car without getting it properly cleaned, waxed and buffered would you? Why then should trainers be any different? Our guide to trainer protection will explain why.

guide to trainer protection

By following our guide to trainer protection it will not only prolong the life of your favourite trainers but also give you that extra peace of mind when someone accidentally stands on your beloved Gazelles, Munchens or Hamburgs. For box fresh trainers the first thing you need to do is give them a spray with the Crep Protect Trainer Spray which acts like a protective barrier to liquids and stains. The innovative trainer protection technology will keep your trainers protected for 4 weeks repelling liquids as they make contact with your beloved shoes. If your trainers have not had the privilege of any previous form of trainer protection, then there maybe a chance you can save them. Don’t have a nervous breakdown just yet but follow the steps below;

guide to trainer protection

Ok so panic over, first thing you need to do is get all the excess dirt from your trainers by mixing a solution of Crep Protect Cure Cleaner in a bowl with water, this will do the job nicely. A brush will also come in handy to get rid of hardened dirt and anything a sponge can’t get to. If your trainers just have the odd bit of grime and don’t need soaking to death with cleaner, the Crep Protect Wipes are ideal to give them a little spruce up. The wipes feature different textured sides, one soft and one harder, and are work on pretty much any sneaker surface from nubuck to leather. Once you have gone over the trainers a good few times using a sponge and the Cure Cleaner solution, leave the trainers to dry. Once dried you then need to give the trainers another going over with a brush just to make sure all the dirt is removed and show them some love. The next stage is giving them an even covering with the Crep Protect spray but don’t over do it! Repeat these steps and your trainers will last a life time, that is if you don’t wear them every single second.

guide to trainer protection

The real key to keeping your trainers fresh is having a large collection whereby one single pair never gets over worn. But trainers are there to be worn, not left in boxes so leave that for the original Star Wars toys. All of the products featured in our guide to trainer protection are available now from, just don’t forgot to use them!

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