Introducing The Gentlemans Headquarters Magazine

Gentlemans Headquarters Magazine is a new digital & print magazine exploring the world of fashion, sports, health, humour, politics & music.

Headed up by editor-in-chief, Jason Allday, the Gentlemans Headquarters is a recently launched platform that features everything from subcultures to sports and everything else in between. With podcasts from Alan McGee (Creation Records) and guest features from Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) as well as our very own Neil Primett, GHQ is a must have read.

Neil Primett 80s casual classics

Above: Neil Primett is a guest contributor to GHQ and will be talking about all things 80s & all things casual.

About GHQ

The body, the look, the lifestyle, the gamble, the money, the entertainment, the sports, the cars and of course the women. Welcome aboard and to Gentleman’s Head Quarters. We live in a world that is ever-changing. Success can be measured in different contexts and on any level of what is deemed important, what is found within and how it is delivered. That is exactly what GHQ is! Each and every issue, GHQ will deliver a full content, no holds barred insight to everything you’d expect for the discerning gentlemen and all others who wish to follow. So tie up your laces, pop your collars and get ready for a nitro-fueled cutting edge delivery of nothing short of the dogs bollocks!

Above: The latest issue of GHQ which features Bill Gardner (ICF), Carlton Leach & Jude More.

GHQ is the new ‘go to’ for men and all those that wish to follow. The realm of articles and subjects will not be confined to your stereo typical, re-hashed, age-old stories or events, but instead a monthly magazine that consists of new blood and young minds. Yes, fashion, sport, health, humour, politics and music, will be found within, but in addition, GHQ will have a no holds barred approach and get questions and answers for the deserving reader. GHQ will be bringing back to life the issues and topics that all blokes and geezers want, wish and talk about. In addition, the management team have a personal list and catalogue of some of the most talked, read and seen in all cultural aspects of ‘The Scene’, within the shores and beyond. With this ensemble of unique, fresh, class and sexiness, GHQ, promises with its delivery.

Above: Begbie played by Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting recently featured in GHQ as part of an Irvine Welsh exclusive which discussed the casual element of the psychotic character & his love for agro & argyle knits.

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