Gabicci Vintage Video

Neil Primett Talks To Simon Parr From Gabicci Vintage

In this latest video, Neil Primett has a chat with Simon Parr from Gabicci Vintage about the latest offerings from the British heritage label.

Founded in 1973 by Jack Sofier and Alex Pyser who both had a mutual love for Italian designer style, Gabicci was all about smart casual polo shirts & knitwear with inspiration from the dons of menswear themselves. The iconic G logo captured the hearts of the Soul music movement of the 1970s with the Northern Soul scene and the Soul Boys in the late 1970s. From the mod revival to the smarter casual dressers, Gabicci is an iconic British menswear brand that is now brought to life in this latest video which features our very own Neil Primett as well as Simon Parr from Gabicci Vintage.

The classic Gabicci look is revived with a collection of Gabicci Vintage knit styles such as the latest Diamond Argyle knit which now arrives as an 80s Casual Classics exclusive. Featuring a diamond argyle pattern print to the front which wouldn’t look out of place on the dancefloor of Canvey Island’s ‘The Goldmine’ back in the late 1970s. Other highlights from the latest Gabicci Vintage collection include original designs from Guy Ritchie’s British gangster film, ‘Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels’ as well as a new hexagon weave fabric which features across polo shirts & classic t-shirts.

Gabicci Vintage Diamond Argyle

Above: The Gabicci Vintage Diamond Argyle Knit in sky blue now available from 80s Casual Classics.


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