Fila Velour Track Tops

Dress Like A Don: New Fila Velour Track Tops

Add a touch of casual luxury to your wardrobe with our latest selection of Fila Velour track top for the ultimate in luxurious lounging.

There’s classic Fila track tops and then there’s classic Fila Velour track tops. Think the New York wise guys or the London wide boys of the 1970s & 1980s. Tony Soprano from the Sopranos or Sammy & Frankie from The Business. Even Brooklyn Nine Nine’s lead detective Jake Peralta sports a full velour tracksuit & slicked back hair when he goes undercover in the New York mafia, giving a nod to the underworlds connection to luxury sportswear.

There’s just something about the classic Fila Velour track top style that screams casual luxury & one-upmanship like nothing else from the Biella born brand. The classic Velour styles of the 1970s & the 1980s showed you didn’t mess about when it came to casual lounging. Usually worn for lounging around in, the Fila logo was like a badge of honour for those with a penchant for expensive designer sportswear. For those wanting to look like the ultimate don, we’ve now introduced a selection of Fila Velour track tops for the latest season.

Fila Velour Track Tops Terrinda

Above: The Fila Terrinda Velour track top in soft purple now available from 80s Casual Classics.

The Fila Terrinda Mk3 is a style which needs no introduction when it comes to classic Fila Velour Styles. The OG track style now arrives at 80s Casual Classics in a selection of fresh colourways such as soft purple, deep burgundy & classic navy. First released in 1982 at the pinnacle of casual sportswear the Fila Terrinda Mk3 took 80s Italian styling to the max with a luxurious velour fabric and biker jacket style inspiration. With its hefty price tag the Terrinda became one of the most sought after Fila styles of the era among the casual elite.

Fila Velour Track Tops

Above: The Fila Irving Velour track top in teal green now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Next up we’ve got the Fila Irving Velour track top which takes the luxurious retro sportswear aesthetic to the max. Features include contrasting white piping to the collar and pockets with a premium velour fabric in a selection of colourways such as soft purple & teal green. You can also match up the track top with matching track pants for that ultimate ‘wise guy’ look.

Fila Velour Track Tops

Above: The Fila Cima Velour track top in navy/soft purple now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Finally we’ve also got the Fila Cima track top which runs with a similar vibe to the previous style although this time with stripes to the sleeves. The retro-inspired velour track tops features contrasting sleeves in a prune colourway & collar in a mushroom colourway with white piping to the sleeves and a full length branded zip fastening in gold. Shop a massive range of Fila Velour styles now at 80s Casual Classics.

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