Fil Borg

Fila Borg Style & Classic Tennis Stripes

The legendary Fila Borg style revolutionised tennis apparel with his famous stripes and flamboyant Italian sportswear.

Björn Borg wasn’t just the average tennis player, he was an icon and is still considered one of the greatest tennis players to ever grace the courts. The Fila Borg style started in around the mid 70s when the Italian sportswear label looked to expand its endorsements by working with some of the most in demand athletes at the time. Borg was certainly one of them, with the move putting Fila on the casual sportswear map for decades to come. Throughout his career Borg won a staggering 11 Grand Slam titles, 5 of which were at London’s highly respected Wimbledon tournament with renowned rivalries with his Sergio Tacchini wearing American opponents, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.

Fila Borg Settanta Mk1

Above: Fila Borg style. Jimmy Connors (left) and Björn Borg (right) sporting the legendary Fila Settanta Mk1 track top in navy.

When Borg signed with Fila in 1975, the Biella born Italian brand looked to dress its new found sportswear star in only the best. The Fila White Line was exactly that with innovative Italian sportswear designers such as Pier Luigi Rolando putting a new contemporary spin on traditional sportswear. It was colourful, it was cool, it was made in Italy and more importantly worn by Mr Charisma himself, Björn Borg. The Fila Borg style introduced stripes into Wimbledon, a tournament that had traditionally only seen all whites and was an example of how Fila looked to change traditional tennis wear forever. Sometimes things just come together at the right time and with Fila in the late 70s and early 80s it certainly did. As Borg was seen wearing their latest designs on the courts, the casuals were also getting in on the Italian sportswear trend with the iconic F branding becoming one of the most in demand labels of the era. It would be hard to imagine a world now without the Björn Borg and Fila connection.

Fila Settanta Mk1 Navy BJ

Above: The Fila Settanta Mk1 track top in navy/gardenia/red now available from 80s Casual Classics.

Signature Borg styles included the Fila Settanta Mk1 track top or BJ as it is sometimes called which came in original colourways such as kelly green, navy and red as well as the Fila Settanta polo shirt. Both original Borg designs featured pin stripes designs, featuring down the sides of the track top and all over on the polo shirt. The stripes became such a hit they were even incorporated into the Swedes’ Fila headband with Borg seen wearing the special Settanta designs throughout his career from lifting the prestigious Wimbledon trophy to mixing with the global tennis elite. It’s no surprise the Settanta had such a massive fan base, after all it was worn by winners.

fila borg settanta Mk1

Above: The Fila Settanta Polo Shirt in white/red/navy now available from 80s Casual Classics.

In classic Borg style we’ve now introduced a selection of 80s sportswear styles from the nostalgic Borg tennis era. From the original Fila Settanta Mk1 track top and polo shirt to Settanta inspired pinstripe t-shirts and swim shorts for the summer holiday months, we’ve got everything to satisfy your retro sportswear needs with plenty of vertical stripes and original 80s casual style. Each item features the iconic Fila ‘F’ branding and vertical pinstripes for the ultimate centre court Borg style.

Fila Borg Pinstripe T-shirt

Above: The Fila Pinstripe T-shirt in navy now available from 80s Casual Classics.

fila Borg pinstripe swim shorts

Above: The Fila Pinstripe Swim Shorts in blue/white now available from 80s Casual Classics.

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