Neil Primett 2019

2019: End Of Year Review From Neil Primett

80s CC owner & founder, Neil Primett, reflects on 2019 with original 80s re-releases from Benetton and putting the customer first.

“It’s always interesting to get called BOSS by the customer. It’s pretty obvious to me there is only really one BOSS and with the size of 80s Casual Classics, it’s increasingly hard to name them all as I wake up every day knowing our customer is the BOSS. I’m sure endless businesses would say the same for customer service but our customer has taken charge of proceedings in influencing what we do. In the early days we would meet older casual lads face to face or speak with them on the phone comparing ‘back in the day’ stories. It was soon clear to chase desired brands, styles and re-issues accommodating young & old, catering for all sizes.

On a personal level the 80s was about dressing. I lived in Farahs, Lois, the best trainers I could afford, Lyle and Scott knits, Kappa and a few other names that made up the numbers. Okay I admit I had some great looking Leo Gemelli jumpers as did many casuals back in the day. We don’t like to preach right or wrong. It’s still all about the dressers and as our brands’ insist on minimums knowing that we already have some demand massively helps. Our customers have always given ideas and confidence into what we do.

Every single day that passes something new and exciting comes along although I am still reminded just how much we have established a strong wardrobe of classics that are still the backbone to our business. Our community is Facebook and Instagram @80scasualclassics today and it’s incredible the level of contribution we get from customers. It’s priority to us to keep everyone up to date and sharing the 80s Casual Classics LOVE.”

Neil Primett – 80s CC owner & founder

After years of continued growth and expansion of a concept site establishing a fantastic collection of customers with mutual appreciation of Casuals and Old Skool classics, 80s Casual Classics has firmly established itself as the worlds only real e-commerce store of its kind. We pride ourselves on being a store born out of our customer appreciation. We remain dedicated to offering unique brands and styles inspired by British subcultures from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We are devoted to ensuring that the iconic looks and fond memories of the casuals, dressers, smoothies and soul boy eras remain alive today. We strive to respect our customers ‘dressing days’, which means we like to deliver fresh new products or re-launched items from the past.

Finally 2019 also saw the revival of Benetton and a significant break through for 80s Casual Classics, not only selling the brand but also the renowned Rugby top in full run sizes to suit all. The sought after Benetton sports style from the 80s literally sold out within days with casual collectors going absolutely mad all the country for the re-release. Alongside our other best sellers and all time casual favourites, Benetton is now also part of a strong stable of classics that form the backbone to 80s Casual Classics. We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our loyal customers and wish them the very best for 2020.

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