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Classic Colour Blocking Outerwear Styles At 80s Casual Classics

Our latest collection of colour blocking outerwear celebrates the 90s era, raves and all things retro.

Colour blocking outerwear styles and sportswear really made their mark in the early 90s where crazy colours were king and rave culture was sweeping the nation. Drawing inspiration from the 80s casual sportswear look, the 90s vintage style was all about colour blocking, mixing bold and bright hues from the colour palette for optimal visibility on the moon lit fields and disused warehouses during the early morning hours. Some people have even coined the look as “Acid Casuals” mixing the bright colours and vibrancy of the Acid House era combined with casual sportswear for a one of a kind 90s style.

colour blocking outerwear Lacoste Hooded Jacket

Above: The Lacoste Hooded Jacket in white/navy/red available now from 80s Casual Classics.

But when all said done it’s classic sportswear brands like Lacoste and Fila that really rule the roost, and still do, when it comes to colour blocking style outerwear. Some of their original designs from the 90s just can’t be beaten, and the reason why? Because they were some of the first brands to introduce colour blocking designs into their collections and now with archive design inspiration introduced into their latest collections the 90s retro look is back with a bang. The 90s colour blocking sportswear aesthetic is something vintage collectors and sportswear enthusiasts have been going mad for for years. In conclusion, it’s just a pretty cool retro sportswear look that can’t really be beaten on style. So if it’s some lightweight, colourful outerwear with all that colour blocking 90s charms you’re after we’ve certainly got you covered this season at 80s Casual Classics.

colour blocking outerwear fila vintage ambrose jacket

Above: The Fila Vintage Ambrose Jacket in navy/white/gold now available from 80s Casual Classics.

In celebration of all things 90s and colour blocking’, we’ve now introduced a selection colour blocking outerwear from an assortment of classic continental sportswear labels and designer brands. Highlights include colour blocking hooded jackets from Lacoste for that ultimate 90s French sportswear vibe and lightweight retro striped jackets from Fila Vintage. Then there’s also classic chevron rave style half zip summer jackets from Diadora for that early 90s Roberto Baggio aesthetic alongside lightweight nylon hooded jackets from Pretty Green, which features a three colour design, for that classic 90s colour blocking feel with some added Gallagher swagger.

colour blocking outerwear fila vintage ambrose jacket

Above: The Diadora 1/2 Zip Jacket in white/carmine red available now from 80s Casual Classics.

colour blocking outerwear pretty green hooded jacket

Above: The Pretty Green Zip Through Hooded Contrast Jacket in red/navy/white available now from 80s Casual Classics.

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