Street Sounds t-shirts electro 23/10/2021
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Our Latest Street Sounds T-shirts Are Poppin, Lockin and Electric Boogalooin’

Our latest Street Sounds t-shirts will make you want to don a full tracksuit & head down to your local supermarket carpark on your Super Raleigh Mag Burner. Drum beats from Roland TR-808’s, samples from 1970s Funk, catchy synth hooks & robot sounding “talk box” lyrics. Welcome to the world of Electro. The end result was probably something like you had never heard before. A million miles away from the distorted & angry sounds of Punk, Electro made you want to don a full adidas tracksuit and head down to... Read More

Trojan Records Bob Marley 23/09/2021
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We’re Jamming With These Latest Arrivals From Trojan Records

The latest collection from Trojan Records includes a Bob Marley inspired track top straight from the streets of Trench Town. Trojan Records was founded in North West London in 1968 by Island Records founder Lee Gopthal & Chris Blackwell. Trojan was all about bringing the sounds of Jamaica direct to the UK and became an instant with the growing skinhead culture of Britain in the late 1960s. The upbeat music with songs about sunshine and smoking reefer were a stark contrast to the grey London estates where discontent was everywhere,... Read More

Umbro Drill Top Liam Gallagher 01/07/2021
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Go “Mad Fer It” With Umbro’s Classic Drill Collection

The Umbro Classic Drill Collection revives a range of 90s training tops as worn by the Oasis frontman himself at the legendary Maine Road gig back in 1996. It’s mad how one person can literally change a sportswear brand overnight. Liam Gallagher certainly did that with Umbro back in April 1996. Traditionally, Umbro was a sportswear brand you wore to train in at your local football club, whether it was on a pair of football shorts or a pair of football boots. It wasn’t really a brand associated with loud... Read More

Madness by Madness 20/05/2021

Before We Was We: Madness by Madness

Before We Was We: Madness by Madness is a 3 part docuseries which chronicles the rise of the one of the biggest and most loved bands in British culture. Numerous subcultures & music genres became the by-products of Thatcher’s Britain in the late 70s & early 80s. Working class youths with little prospects thanks to a system that had failed them took the musical direction as a way to get their voices heard. Sticking two fingers up at an establishment that simply didn’t care about them, it was North London... Read More

Creation Records Alan McGee 11/03/2021

Creation Stories: Riots, Raves & Running A Record Label

Creation Records is widely regarded as one of the most influential British labels of the last 30 years. Alan McGee’s story is now brought to life with ‘Creation Stories’ courtesy of Irvine Welsh, Danny Boyle & Nick Moran. Let’s rewind back to the Brit Awards in February 1996 for a second. Oasis have just won their second award of the night with ‘The Best Album’ and the Gallagher brothers are up to their usual casual clowning. After singing Blur’s ‘Parklife’ in a posh southern accent, Noel goes on to say... Read More

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew Fila 28/05/2020

The Legacy Of Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew

Over the last 40 years the hip hop music genre has given us everything from gangster rap to G-funk to grime. Listening to modern day trap artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Post Malone or Lil Yachty can be a stark contrast from the original old skool hip hop sound from the 1980s. It was in the early 80s where the street influenced sounds really started to make headway with pioneering artists like Afrika Bambaata merging together electro and hip hop sounds for the very first time. Afrika Bambaata’s ‘Planet Rock’... Read More

80s Xmas Songs Wham Last Christmas 07/12/2019

Our Top 5 Xmas Songs From The 80s

With the Xmas period now officially here, we take a look at some of the very best 80s Xmas songs from Band Aid to Run DMC. We’re now coming into the third decade of the 21st century, and yet we still smash out the same Xmas songs each year. Apart from the original Rat Pack classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, the Xmas pop song was really born in the 70s & 80s. Many of the artists from this era are still cashing in on their... Read More

Geoff Bell Fila 20/11/2019

Geoff Bell: From Psycho To Syco

We caught up with Geoff Bell whilst on the set for a music video with Louis Tomlinson which is set for release in 2020. It does make you wonder if Geoff Bell is a complete psycho in real life or just a very convincing actor considering the roles he generally plays. Maybe it’s the latter, but Bell’s characters always seem to remind you off the old school days when the underworld was run by a secret code, sharp clothes and honour among thieves. Some of Bell’s most notable roles have... Read More

Britpop fashion Liam Gallagher Oasis 15/11/2019

Britpop Fashion: The Revival Of Retro Sportswear

The birth of Britpop saw two brothers from Burnage, Blur, Bjorn Borg tennis tops & the revival of retro sportswear from the 80s. Fashion changed a lot from the late 80s to the mid 90s. Acid House had given birth to the Madchester look with baggy jeans from brands like Joe Bloggs, smiley face t-shirts and the introduction of outdoors brands like Berghaus to rave revellers and pill poppers. On the other side of the Atlantic, Seattle grunge gave us the thrift shop look with holey cardigans, scruffy jeans, Converse... Read More

Shed Seven UK Tour 2019 25/10/2019

Shed Seven UK Tour & An Exclusive Message From Rick Witter

Rick Witter from Shed Seven gives 80s CC a shout out ahead of their biggest ever UK headline tour. If you know anything about 90s Britpop then you will know that Shed Seven played a massive role in it. After forming in York back in 1990, the group went onto perform at some of the top music festivals and even Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ in 1996. Shed Seven also worked with our very own founder, Neil Primett. Neil, who also worked with the Gallagher brothers back in the early... Read More