Kickers Kick Lo Shoe 80s 90s 10/04/2022

The Kickers Kick Lo Is The Crème De La Crème Of Casual Shoes

The Kickers Kick Lo is the alternative shoe version of the Kick Hi which became the footwear of choice for British youth during the 1980s. When it comes to footwear it’s always good to have a boot & shoe alternative. Take the Clarks Wallabee for example which comes in shoe and boot form. Both look just as great it all just depends on the occasion. The same goes for Kickers with the Kick Hi & the Kick Lo. The first is a boot, the latter is a shoe. During the... Read More

Delicious Junction Chukka Boots 11/03/2022

Delicious Junction: All in Good Time

Steeped in the Ska & Soul scenes of the UK, Delicious Junction is a British footwear brand that now arrives at 80s Casual Classics with a collection of classic Chukka boots. Here at 80s Casual Classics we are always on the look out for homegrown footwear talent & when its got the subculture connection it’s even better. Introducing Delicious Junction to 80s Casual Classics, a brand steeped in the Ska & Soul scenes of the UK, the brand draws inspiration from the British subcultures of the late 1950s & early... Read More

POD Shoes 11/11/2021

POD: Youth Of The Nation

We’re very pleased to announce the revival of POD Shoes for 2021 with the introduction of some super cool casual styles. Whilst the title might be quite fitting, the British shoe brand POD, has absolutely nothing to do with the American Nu-Metal Christian band, P.O.D, which actually stands for Payable on Death. Early noughties Nu-Metal songs aside, POD really did capture the youth of the nation in the late 1970s with their range of super cool casual shoes. Some will claim it was the original Perry Boys of Prestwich &... Read More

Clarks Desert Boot 30/10/2021

Everything You Need To Know About The Clarks Desert Boot

The Clarks Desert Boot is just about as good as it gets when its comes to cool looking footwear, subculture, music, Britishness & everything else in between. If ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A phrase that couldn’t sum up the Clarks Desert Boot better if it tried. A relatively simple shoe design that is now knocking on 70 years old still hasn’t lost its kerb appeal, nor has it really changed since it first came on the scene all the way back in the 1950s. The thing is what could... Read More

Kickers Kick Hi Pastel 01/05/2021

Kickers Give Their Iconic Kick Hi The Pastel Treatment

The Kickers Kick Hi was adopted by the Madchester scene as a cross over footwear style in the late 1980s & now arrives in some updated pastel colourways. Some trends come and go but timeless style will always remain. If there’s one thing about the Kickers Kick Hi we can all agree on, it’s a timeless footwear style that’s for sure. Just like the skinheads had their Dr. Martens & the Teddy Boys had their brothel creepers, the Kickers Kick Hi has a rich heritage in British subculture. An all... Read More

xmas gift guide 10/12/2020

Tis The Season: Xmas Gift Guide

The Xmas season is officially here which means it’s probably time to think about that very special someone with our massive selection of casual goodies! As the dust starts to clear on what has probably been the most f*cked up year of peoples’ lives so far, at least we can now try to enjoy the festive season. We’re not going to mention Covid-19 or some of the crazy conspiracy theories out there because “casual” & “crimbo” are the only C words we really want to talk about during the festive... Read More

adidas trimm trab glory green 25/01/2020

The adidas Trimm Trab Gets Treated To A Mexico 86′ Makeover

It was never really anticipated that the Trimm Trab would leave a lasting legacy like it did after its original release in the late 1970s. Like a lot of other things that have happened in the world, sometimes just being in the right place at the right time counts for a lot, and where the Trimm Trab was concerned this was certainly the case. The ‘Trimm’ series had already seen other original 3 stripes fitness styles from adidas like the Trimm Star from 1971. Introduced as part of a nationwide... Read More

Kickers Kick Hi 29/12/2019

The Kickers Kick Hi Boot Gets Mashed Up

The Kickers Kick Hi boot was famously worn by Ian Brown when he visited the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. For those who aren’t aware of what getting mashed actually meant, picture the faces of the crowd on the dance floor at the Hacienda back in the early 90s when the likes of Sasha, Mike Pickering or Graeme Park were mixing it up between Black Box & Bizarre Inc on the 1s & 2s. Smiling (gurning) faces, dilated pupils, no sight of alcohol with rushes of serotonin and euphoric highs that... Read More

gabicci knitwear 06/11/2019
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Smart Dressers: The Smarter Side Of Casual

The festive period is a great time to switch up the sportswear for the smarter side of casual with Gabicci knitwear and desert boots. The serious dressers out there should be familiar with the smarter side of casual, or smart dressing as we like to call it here at 80s Casual Classics. If you aren’t familiar with the term then you’re probably thinking what’s so smart about wearing a Sergio Tacchini track top? Well, smart dressing strictly leaves the sportswear at home with influences from the original soul boys, the... Read More

adidas 70th anniversary adi dassler 21/08/2019
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Forever 3 Stripes: 70 Years Of adidas

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the German sportswear brand, adidas, we take a look into the world of Adi Dassler and ‘Die Marke Mit Den Drei Streifen’. There’s literally only a few brands on the entire planet that have the same clout and respect in the world of sportswear that adidas does. A game changer, a performance innovator and an industry leader in trainers, apparel, sportswear and kit, the 70th anniversary of adidas falls this August 2019. Marking 70 years since Adolf (Adi) Dassler officially registered the German company... Read More

adidas Trimm Trab trainer history 17/08/2019

The adidas Trimm Trab Makes Its Grand Return To 80s Casual Classics

The treasured 3 stripes trainer, the adidas Trimm Trab, is now treated to a very special re-release for 2019 If you had to name a handful of the most favoured adidas trainers from the late 70s and early 80s the Trimm Trab will always get a mention. Possibly one of the most popular 3 stripes trainers that embraced the ‘casual connection’, the Trimm Trab quickly became the footwear of choice for young casuals across the North West. Its popularity soon spread to the rest of the country thanks to adidas... Read More

The Firm 2009 14/08/2019
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10 Years On: The Firm (2009) Shop Scene

“Put that yellow Sergio in the bag for me n’all and send it over to the office”, Bex (Paul Anderson) – The Firm. This September marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Nick Love’s The Firm from 2009. Packed full of cockney slang, clashes and classic 80s clobber, The Firm saw Love focus on the British casual subculture of the early 80s with more sportswear on set than you thought was previously possible. After bringing us other cult classics such as Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001), The Football Factory (2004... Read More

Clarks Desert Trek 31/07/2019

Two Clarks Classics’ Get The Burnt Orange Treatment

The Clarks Desert Trek & Wallabee styles are treated to a burnt orange makeover as part of the latest collection from the original ‘crep sole’ shoemakers. If you had to name a selection of all time classic Clarks styles the Wallabee and the Desert Trek would be up there all day long alongside the Desert Boot and the Caravan. Two key styles from the British born shoemakers’ archives, the Clarks Wallabee and the Clarks Desert Trek have built up a cult following over the last 30 years with endorsements from... Read More

Clarks Wallabee History main 04/07/2019

Everything You Need To Know About The Clarks Wallabee

From appearances on Breaking Bads’ Walter White, iconic Britpop album covers and Brooklyn born hip hip artists, the Clarks Wallabee has seen its fair share of appreciation over the last 30 years. Since it was first introduced back in 1964 the Clarks Wallabee has become a footwear staple and timeless favourite. Such admiration wasn’t just born overnight though with other footwear brands scratching their heads and wondering just how a simple moccasin style design became so popular? Its subculture connection for one has played a pivotal role in the growth... Read More

Ibiza Lacoste Sliders 08/05/2019

Ibiza Holiday Vibes: Sliders, Shorts & Summer Tees

From Lacoste sliders to classic Tacchini McEnroe inspired tees, you’ll love our Ibiza holiday vibes with a selection of summer sliders, shorts and tees. The Ibiza season has now officially started with opening parties and all night DJ sets kicking off all over ‘The White Island’ for 2019. From the original Balearic sounds of the late 80s to mid 90s trance to modern day minimal techno sounds the Spanish island has become the summer hot spot for dance music lovers and ravers all over the world. It’s hard to believe... Read More

adidas Gazelle Xmas 16/12/2018
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The Ultimate Xmas Collection At 80s Casual Classics

There’s still time to get them last minute Xmas gifts with everything from the adidas Gazelle to the Aquascutum Club Check scarf we’ve got it all! Xmas seems to come around quicker each year and with now only 10 days left till the big day it’s probably about time you got your Xmas gifts in order. Well the good news is the 80s Casual Classics Santa has all your Xmas dreams covered from classic 80s track tops, retro 3 stripes trainers like the adidas Gazelle and stocking fillers for trainer... Read More

timberland chukka boots 19/11/2018

Burly Boots & Winter Stompers At 80s Casual Classics

Get geared up for the winter with our collection of classic Timberland Chukka boots and rugged Caterpillar worker boot styles. As the dark evenings now descend upon us you may have also noticed a slight chill in the air as the winter season comes into full swing. Winter is here, which generally means to the dressers of the world their winter wardrobe also needs to be on point to cater for the cold. Forget taking them pristine ‘all white’ 3 stripes out in the winter elements, with puddles, mud, loose... Read More