Nick Love A Town Called Malice 26/02/2022

A Town Called Malice: Nick Love Returns To The Costa Del Crime

Nick Love & Vertigo Films are now officially working on A Town Called Malice, a forthcoming crime saga set on the Costa del Crime in the early 1980s. Nick Love & Vertigo Films will be revisiting the Costa del Crime once again in the early 1980s with A Town Called Malice, a Sky Original series which is set to follow in the footsteps of the cult classic, The Business, from 2005. Working alongside Rogue State & Sky Studios, we can now unveil that production for A Town Called Malice has... Read More

scarface-t-shirt tony montana 20/11/2021

Push It To The Limit With Our Gangster Movie Tees

Our latest selection of gangster movie tees tees put a casual spin on a selection of cult classics like the Scarface t-shirt which features Tony Montana kitted out in a bit of Fila, As you are probably already aware, films have played a huge role in the 80s Casual Classics story from the very beginning. From working alongside cult classics like The Business back in 2005, to more recent releases such as The Pebble & The Boy, films have become part of the 80s Casual Classics DNA. Our latest selection... Read More

The Pebble & The Boy Cinema Times 12/08/2021

Watch The Pebble & The Boy At A Cinema Near You

After teasing The Pebble & The Boy back in 2020, we can reveal the official cinema dates and times of the film. If you have been following 80s Casual Classics over the last 15 years you will know how much films have played in our story. From proudly bringing back a range of archive sportswear styles to actually working on set with the crème de la crème of the UK’s film industry from Paul Anderson to Nick Love. Our next film project takes a slightly turn in the form of... Read More

Sergio Tacchini Iceberg Track Top 30/07/2021
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Be Someone: Introducing The Sergio Tacchini Iceberg Track Top

The Sergio Tacchini Iceberg track top is an original early 80s style as worn by Danny Dyer in Nick Love’s cult classic ‘The Business’ from 2005. Nick Love’s ‘The Business’ from 2005 did a great job of highlighting the stark contrast between the flamboyant sunny shores of the Costa Del Crime compared to the gloomy & grey concrete jungles of South East London in the 1980s. After Duran Duran’s hit 80s classic ‘Planet Earth’ has played out we are taken back to reality in South East London a few years... Read More

many saints of newark trailer 08/07/2021

The Sopranos Returns With The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark is an upcoming crime drama which follows the story of a young Tony Soprano amidst the Newark race riots & family gang wars. As far as TV crime dramas are concerned it doesn’t really get much better than the Sopranos. Running for a total of 6 seasons from 1997 to 2007, the Sopranos follows the life of the New Jersey mobster, Tony Soprano, and his involvement in organised crime whilst also trying to balance his own personal family life. Highly regarded as one of the... Read More

Madness by Madness 20/05/2021

Before We Was We: Madness by Madness

Before We Was We: Madness by Madness is a 3 part docuseries which chronicles the rise of the one of the biggest and most loved bands in British culture. Numerous subcultures & music genres became the by-products of Thatcher’s Britain in the late 70s & early 80s. Working class youths with little prospects thanks to a system that had failed them took the musical direction as a way to get their voices heard. Sticking two fingers up at an establishment that simply didn’t care about them, it was North London... Read More

Weekend Offender 1989 The Firm 13/03/2021

The Weekend Offender 89 T-Shirt References The Classic Scene From The Firm

The classic British hooligan film, The Firm, is now brought back to life courtesy of our friends at Weekend Offender with the 89 t-shirt. Although nowhere near as colourful as Nick Love’s remake from 2009, The Firm from 1989 was one of the very first films to capture the world of the British hooligan throughout the 1980s. Love’s version, which was loosely based around the original, was all about the early 80s, where colourful sportswear & peacocking reached its peak and casual culture was in full swing. Although the authenticity... Read More

Creation Records Alan McGee 11/03/2021

Creation Stories: Riots, Raves & Running A Record Label

Creation Records is widely regarded as one of the most influential British labels of the last 30 years. Alan McGee’s story is now brought to life with ‘Creation Stories’ courtesy of Irvine Welsh, Danny Boyle & Nick Moran. Let’s rewind back to the Brit Awards in February 1996 for a second. Oasis have just won their second award of the night with ‘The Best Album’ and the Gallagher brothers are up to their usual casual clowning. After singing Blur’s ‘Parklife’ in a posh southern accent, Noel goes on to say... Read More

Weekend Offender Morrie Goodfellas 07/02/2021

The Weekend Offender Morrie T-shirt References The Classic Goodfellas Scene

The latest Morrie T-shirt from Weekend Offender depicts the famous scene from Goodfellas where Jimmy goes to collect a debt from Morrie. First released in 1990, Goodfellas is arguably one of the greatest gangster films of all time. Based on Nicholas Pileggi’s ‘Wiseguy’, the real life story follows ex- mobster, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), & his involvement in New York’s Lucchese crime family. Directed by Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas has it all from brutal beatings to iconic nightclub scenes to the Lufthansa heist which saw the crew bag an estimated $5.875... Read More

Nick Love 26/11/2020

Casual Recollections With Nick Love

Ever since the early noughties British film director, Nick Love, has brought us a range of different subcultures & scenes to the big screen. Nick Love is a British film director that has put his spin on various eras from the 1980s to the mid noughties. From growing up on a London council estate in the early noughties with Goodbye Charlie Bright, the glamourous ex-pat gangster life on the “Costa Del Crime” in the 1980s & an insight into Chelsea’s notorious Headhunter’s firm with the Football Factory in the mid... Read More

Mani Fila Settanta Brown 24/09/2020
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From Matchday to Mani: Fila Settanta Mk1

Madchester legend & Stone Roses bassist, Mani, sports the latest Fila Settanta track top in choc brown on set for our forthcoming film, The Pebble & The Boy. Earlier in the year we announced that we were working on another film called The Pebble & The Boy which follows the scooter journey of John Parker and a load of Mod memorabilia in between. A celebration of mod culture, retro casual fashion & a nineteen year old from Manchester who embarks on a journey from ‘Cottonopolis’ to Brighton in memory of... Read More

danny dyer human traffic 23/07/2020

How Human Traffic Introduced Rave Culture To The Big Screen

Human Traffic was arguably one of the very first cult British films of its time, 21 years later we explore its significance to rave culture & film. There’s only really a handful of films that are on point when it comes to the UK’s rave & club culture. Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting from 1996 gave a “real life” insight into the club culture of Scotland in the 1990s, although there was more talk about the mighty Hibs & shooting heroin. Human Traffic from 1999 on the other hand focused mainly on... Read More

Beverley Short Film Blog 18/06/2020

BEVERLEY Is A Short Ska Film From Urbanedge Films

Cass Pennant and Urban Edge films introduce BEVERLEY, a short film about a mixed race teenager living in Leicester in the early 1980s. BEVERLEY follows the “real life” story of a mixed race teenager living on a white suburban estate in Leicester in the early 1980s. Drawing inspiration from the 2 Tone & Ska scenes of the Midlands in the late 70s and early 80s, the coming of age film features a range of familiar faces such as Vicky McClure (This is England), Winston Ellis (Pirates of the Caribbean, The... Read More