adidas beckenbauer track top

Trainer & Tracktop Combos The 80s Casual Classics Way

We’ve paired up some iconic Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Ellesse & adidas Beckenbauer track tops with our selection of classic trainers.

As many classic sportswear collectors will tell you, getting the trainer/tracktop combo right takes a lot of thought. You’re not going to pair up some bright red trainers with a green track top are you? Paying care and attention to colourways and matching styles is as important to us dressers as anything else. So whether you’re pairing up Japanese exclusive 3 stripes with legendary adidas Beckenbauer track tops, or Borg Elite’s with the Tacchnini Dallas for the classic tennis vibe, there’s always a lot of thought behind it. We’ve put together some trainer & track top combos that will spark some ideas for your next sportswear inspired outfit, obviously done the 80s Casual Classics way.

adidas beckenbauer

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top teamed up with the adidas Campus trainer.

There’s something so simple yet so superior about the adidas Beckenbauer that will live on forever. The iconic track top has classic 3 stripes stamped all over it not to mention its association with one of the greatest football legends of all time. We’ve paired the adidas Beckenbauer in rust up with the adidas Campus trainers in burgundy and white for an old skool 3 stripes vibe.

adidas beckenbauer

Above: The adidas Beckenbauer track top in collegiate royal teamed up with up with adidas 350 trainer.

Originally released as a court trainer and part of a Japanese exclusive, the adidas 350 has become a key 3 stripes style in recent years. With all the hallmarks of the original, we’ve teamed the adidas 350 in the classic adi blue and white colourways with the the legendary Beckenbauer sportswear style.

Sergio Tacchnini Dallas

Above: The Classic Sergio Tacchnini Dallas track top teamed up with the Diadora Borg Elite.

We have recently brought back the Sergio Tacchnini Dallas to 80s Casual Classics in its true 80s spirit. The classic McEnroe centre court style is paired up with the signature tennis trainer from the same era, the Diadora Borg Elite in this original Diadora green colourway.

Sergio Tacchnini Dallas

Above: The Sergio Tacchini Dallas track top paired up with the adidas Gazelle.

An OG colourway and one of the most recognised styles of the classic Dallas track top as seen on the likes of Danny Dyer in The Business. Now back at its spiritual home, the Dallas is teamed up with another 80s classic, the Gazelle, a respected 3 stripes style of the era and a silhouette that everyone wanted to get their hands on.

Fila Borg

Above: The Fila Settanta MK1 track top paired up with the Diadora Borg Elite trainer.

Arguably one of the most renowned Fila tennis styles of all time, the Fila Settanta MK1 or Matchday as its also known is an all time tennis classic. Made famous thanks to tennis legends such as Björn Borg the iconic BJ track top is paired up with the Diadora Borg Elite trainer, also worn by the Swedish superstar.

ellesse rimini

Above: The Ellesse Rimini track top teamed up with the PUMA TK Indoor trainer.

This exclusive colourway of the classic Ellesse Rimini track top brings back the celebrated heritage style of the Italian sportswear label with an updated twist. Teamed up with the PUMA TK Indoor trainer for a celebration of tennis nostalgia and retro cool.

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